For an update on our response to Coronavirus, please click here.

The DVC Rental Store is closely monitoring the situation at Disney Parks and resorts due to the Coronavirus (COVID-19). As always, our focus is to ensure safety for our guests.

The DVC Rental Store acts only as an intermediary between Disney Vacation Club members and guests to ensure both parties abide by the terms of the agreement each has entered into. With the outbreak of COVID-19 and the shutdown of Disney Parks, the DVC Rental Store remains committed to acting as the intermediary between each member and guest.

The DVC Rental Store is currently processing numerous reservations of guests that have notified us that they can no longer travel.  If your reservation is after April please give us until the last week of March to process guests with March or April reservations.

We know that this current outbreak may be causing you and those traveling with you an immense amount of fear, anxiety, and stress about your reservation. First and foremost, we want you to know that we understand your anxieties. We know that Disney vacations are planned months in advance and a situation like this is an uncharted territory when it comes to Disney.

We also understand this is causing stress for the Disney Vacation Club members that have chosen to rent their points. There is much uncertainty for Disney Vacation Club members as to whether they may lose their points should they cancel a reservation for a guest. For that reason, we are communicating with Disney Vacation Club to investigate what will happen with the member points due to the Disney Park closures.  Although we cannot guarantee a solution, rest assured, we will make every effort to maximize a solution for all guests. However, each outcome is dependent on what each member and Disney Vacation Club is willing and able to do.

Our entire team is working diligently to find solutions that are fair and appropriate for all concerned parties.  We sincerely appreciate your patience as we are working tirelessly to communicate with guests and members while we monitor this fluid situation.