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Yehaa Bob Jackson Is Back

September 13, 2021

A popular Disney resort entertainer will return next month. Also, more DVC members have received requests to sell their memberships.

We’ll talk about these two stories and more in the latest DVC update.


Almost exactly a year ago, Yehaa Bob Jackson informed his fans that Disney had laid him off.

Many DVC members felt passionate about this turn of events, as Jackson’s shows have become a part of many annual member vacations.

The pianist has held court at Disney’s Port Orleans Resort – Riverside for many years now. Jackson had played a regular show there for 23 years.

Then, at the end of September of 2020, he dropped the bombshell that he had played his last show.

Yehaa Bob continued to please his loyal fans by offering online performances throughout the pandemic, and they did quite well.

Perhaps Disney officials took note of this, as Jackson revealed on TikTok (!) that he would return to his old job.

Yes, Yehaa Bob will ride again on October 14th! This is especially great news for guests staying at Disney’s Old Key West Resort and Disney’s Saratoga Springs Resort & Spa.

Friendship boats can transport these vacationers to Port Orleans Riverside and allow them to watch a show during the trip!

Disney hasn’t confirmed any other returns yet. So, let’s all hold our breath and hope for good news about the band formerly known as The Grand Floridian Society Orchestra!

More Sales Requests

saratoga springs
Photo Courtesy: Tom Bricker

I recently mentioned that some Old Key West owners had received an unexpected message from DVC itself.

The vacation program wanted to buy back points from certain members. Disney had identified which guests weren’t using their points.

Then, the company reached out to these owners and offered to pay for the contracts.

As I said at the time, Disney was only offering about 75 cents on the dollar. Still, I’m sure it sounded like a good deal to people who weren’t actively visiting Disney anytime soon.

Well, I don’t know whether recent events indicate that the plan worked. However, I can confirm that Disney has expanded the process.

Now, some guests at Disney’s Animal Kingdom Villas and Saratoga Springs report that they’ve received the buyback offers as well.

I don’t want to tie random stories together and mislead you. Still, I think it’s interesting that DVC did this right around the time it gained a new leader.

Disney promoted Terri Schultz, the former head of DVC, to Senior Vice President of Commercial Strategy.

In her stead, the new leader of DVC is Bill Dierksen. He was previously the Vice President of Finance for Disney Signature Experiences.

Yes, DVC is a part of Disney Signature Experiences. So, this is a promotion within the department. Similarly, Schultz remains in this division, albeit in a new role.

Do you think this new buyback program is Dierksen’s initiative or Schultz’s? I can’t decide.

Either way, the program is brilliant. Disney can sell the points that it buys back for double the value.

Two Cruise/International Parks Updates

Photo Courtesy: The Walt Disney Company

The situation has finally calmed down some at Disneyland Paris. The least consistent Disney park during the pandemic, it’s finally able to loosen some restrictions.

Guests may remove their masks when in the presence of Disney characters. Also, they can unmask for photo ops around the park.

Trust me when I say that this is a BIG deal for a park that has suffered mightily over the past 18 months.

Meanwhile, in cruise news, things are looking up at Disney Cruise Line. The early trial runs have worked well enough that Disney is ready to return to full speed.

Starting on October 9th, Disney Cruise Line will once again operate seven-day cruises. To date, they’ve held steady at three or four days.

So, this increase shows that Disney no longer worries about massive outbreaks on its ships. The vaccination requirement should solve that problem.

Everything’s coming up Milhouse at Disney Cruise Line right now! Have a great week, everyone!

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