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World of DVC Show Episode 3

World of DVC Show Episode 3: World of DVC Jingle Team – Assemble!

July 6, 2021

In the 3rd episode of the World of DVC Show, you will find out what happens when you put a Dapper Dan, A Voice of Liberty, and a famous theme park producer and composer in the same room…. we have one word “Magic” so get ready to be blown away!

We thankfully begin the episode without having to hear Derek wanting to sing that incredible opening jingle as Kerri & Marissa share some awesome market updates and just how magical it is to have some normalcy back to Disney once again (ummmmm….can you say fireworks!).

The team talks about the incredible viewer prize this month an amazing copy of the World of DVC Theme Song Music chart signed by the “Jingle Team,” and how easy it is for everyone listening to get one (and you’re gonna want one after listening to the show let me tell you)!

Rob, Sarah & Rick (aka “The World of DVC Jingle Team”) share their fantastic Disney musical history with us and some truly magical Disney stories that will leave you wanting to hear more!

Throw in a brand new “Story Time with Sue” (complete w PJ’s!) and a wicked game of “Disney This or That” and you have an episode 3 unlike any…well…World of DVC episode 3 you’ve ever heard!

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