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Why You Should Try a Tower Studio at Least Once

February 10, 2022

I’ve got a slipped disc in my back that has taken a couple of inches off the top. 

Before that, I stood 6’4″ and weighed 225 pounds. So I’m a mountain man in a literal sense. 

Keeping that in mind, I will do something unlikely for the week of Valentine’s Day.

I’m going to explain why you should try a Tower Studio DVC room at least once, even if you’re my size or *gulp* even bigger.

The Intimacy

Look, I’m not going to draw you a picture here. It would be indelicate. But Valentine’s Day is coming up. You know the drill. 

When we’re talking about intimacy at Walt Disney World, nothing will top a Tower Studio!

The entire floor plan covers 255 square feet. Disney doesn’t even pretend this space is for anybody but couples. There’s even a limit of two guests in the room!

When you book a Tower Studio, you’re choosing the clingiest romantic getaway of your life, almost by default. 

The closest thing to personal space you’ll find in this studio is the outside patio. 

If you start to rub your beloved the wrong way, one of you can go out here to cool off. 

Otherwise, you’re gonna be shoulder to shoulder from the moment you enter the room until checkout. 

You’ll sit together, sleep together, and probably shower together. Marriage may be less of a commitment than a week in a Tower Studio. 

If you want intimacy or possibly even some sort of relationship test, THIS is the place. 

Disney’s Riviera Resort – Tower Studio Floor Plan

The Charm 

What’s the most magical aspect of a DVC hotel room? I could provide many answers here, but the view is high on the list. 

Disney doesn’t randomly offer multiple room types in the same booking category. People can and do spend more points for views. 

At the Tower Studios, that patio I mentioned will come with a splendid perspective of Walt Disney World. 

In fact, many of the rooms face the Disney Skyliner. So, you can watch guests soar into the air as they travel between parks and resorts. 

The charm isn’t exclusive to the outside, though. You’ll find the room décor decidedly European but somehow Disney as well.

These rooms celebrate Walt and Lillian Disney’s family vacations across Europe. The artwork and tiles reflect these Spanish Riviera sensibilities.

However, the detailed touches may be what you love the best. Artwork hovers over the dropdown Murphy bed, and it’s so charming!

In fact, some rooms feature the Charming family! It’s an action shot of them flying away to Neverland.

Tower Studio – Disney’s Riviera Resort

The Points Cost

A Deluxe Studio at Disney’s Riviera Resort starts at 14 DVC Points for a Standard View or 17 points for a Preferred View.

Contrast that to the Tower Studio, which costs a paltry 10 points. You’re saving 40-70 percent for a September stay!

The numbers obviously vary depending on the seven different seasons at the Riviera, but the song remains the same.

A one-week stay in a Tower Studio costs somewhere between 18 and 33 points less than a standard studio. The gap ranges from 53 to 79 points for Preferred View!

With that sort of DVC Points savings, you might as well try a little tenderness in a Tower Studio. 

You’ll feasibly save enough to have an extra week during the slow season at a later date!

Disney’s Riviera Resort

The Efficiency

Most people reading this have spent their fair share of time in a studio apartment.

Whether this place was yours, a friend’s, or someone you dated, you know what it’s like to spend time in tight quarters.

In some ways, this experience is kinda fun! You’ll remember those days when you could reach the hot plate from the couch. 

Tower Studios come with 30 fewer square feet than even the rooms at Value resorts. So, yes, they’re pretty small. That’s not a bad thing, though.

Disney’s Riviera Resort

You won’t lack any creature comforts, as the bathroom section is remarkably efficient.

Also, Disney inexplicably added large televisions for these rooms. Due to the bed’s location, you may get a drive-in movie vibe while you watch your favorite Disney movie.

Everything is close, including your partner, and that’s a good thing, right? I dated a woman who had a daybed in college. We somehow made it work. 

When you’re in love, as long as you’re together, you’re happy, right?

Start planning your romantic getaway in a Tower Studio today! Head to our availability page to explore DVC villa rental inventory and compare rental offerings by price. Be sure to also check out our selection of guaranteed-available reservations up to 65% off Disney prices!

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