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Why You Need to Book a Disney Private VIP Tour

February 14, 2024

Perhaps you have heard of some of the backstage tours that Disney World offers, but did you know about the Disney Private VIP Tour for groups of up to 10 people?  Here’s why you might want to consider a Disney Private VIP Tour for your next special occasion trip or family reunion!

VIP Tours Are Customizable

You can include new attractions like TRON Lightcycle / Run in your itinerary.

With a Disney Private VIP Tour, you get to personalize your plans.  You choose the start time, the park or parks you visit, and the attractions you ride. Disney VIP Tour Services will then take those preferences and create the most efficient way for you to do everything on your must-do list.

Tours Help Maximize Your Time in the Parks

One of the best perks of the VIP Tour is doing more of your favorite attractions in less time.  Depending on the attraction, this can mean entering through the Lightning Lane queues. For other attractions, it can mean using an expedited entry via a different route.  For example, you would enter the Haunted Mansion through a back entrance during the tour. 

If there’s a show that your group would like to see, there may be specialty seating depending on the show and time of day.  You don’t even have to worry about staking out a spot for fireworks.  Your guide can take you to a special viewing area.  All of this helps you make it to all the headliner attractions in a short amount of time!

Guides Offer Lots of Insights on the Parks

Your tour guide can share some fun facts like all the details found on Main Street, U.S.A. (Photo Credit: WDW News Today)

If you’re a big Disney fan, you’ll love learning all sorts of tidbits about the parks, attractions, and more from your knowledgeable tour guide.  As you tour the parks, your guide can share fun Disney trivia or point out details or hidden gems in the parks that you may have missed. 

Transportation Is Included 

There’s no need to hop on a bus, boat, monorail, or skyliner for your tour!  When you book a VIP Tour, you also get private transportation to the theme parks.  Your tour guide will pick you up from your Disney resort and drive you to the theme park.  They can also drive you to your next park if you choose to park hop during your tour.  You’ll often enter the parks from backstage areas that guests don’t normally get to see!

Interested in booking a Disney Private VIP Tour?  Save money on Disney Private VIP tours with the DVC Rental Store!  They offer discounts of up to $500.  You could also participate in their VIP Tour Swap Program that allows you to rent out your DVC points and put that income towards a tour.  Contact the DVC Rental Store for more information. 

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