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5 Ways to Prepare for Star Wars Galaxy’s Edge

August 23, 2019

The land of Batuu is in a word…stunning. The attention to detail, the cast members in character, and so much more! Rise of the Resistance isn’t even open yet, but already the land holds more than expected! We had the great fortune of getting to visit Star Wars Galaxy’s Edge during the Annual Passholder preview this past weekend.  Here are our five recommendations to prepare for Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge.

Millennium Falcon
Millennium Falcon: Smuggler’s Run

Learn the Language of Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge

Learn the language of Batuu! Specifically the two different types of language: spoken and written. Let’s discuss spoken language first. I’m not referring to speaking in a different language (although a stranger did walk up to me and try to engage in Aurebesh…but that’s another story). 

It is the cast members in Batuu who make the land come alive! You will hear, “Bright Suns!” often, which just means “hello”.  And when we were thirsty and ordered drinks, we were given a “cargo slip for our shipment”. Sounds sketchy…but also…mysterious? Many a stormtrooper demanded the humans give up their datapad…aka your phone. 😀

Beware those stormtroopers

The cast members are quick to speak in a way that makes you feel like you are in another land (yet you can still understand).  So in order for you to fit in, we’ve concocted several sayings that you can start incorporating into your everyday life:

  • Greeting fellow coworkers around the water cooler: “Bright suns, flight crew!”
  • Telling your mom you’ll text her when you get to wherever you are going. “I’ll send you the code on my datapad when I land!”

The written language you’ll need to prepare for is Aurebesh, which you can find on the back of the Star Wars Land brochure. It looks like this:  

Star Wars Galaxy's Edge Aurebesh Decoder
Aurebesh Decoder

Now…all through the land are many things written in Aurebesh…so if you brush up on those skills now, you’ll be able to navigate with no problems 😉  Again…this is not the spoken language…

Star Wars Galaxy's Edge
Practice that Aurebesh 😉

Download the Play Disney Parks App

All throughout Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge land, you can use your Star Wars: DataPad to do interactive missions.  As you wait in line for Millennium Falcon, you can scan bar codes. Find out what is inside each cargo container that has a scan code and play games!

Star Wars Galaxy's Edge
Super great way to pass time in lines! #welldoneDisney

You can play with up to five other people! 

Star Wars Galaxy's Edge
Definitely worth downloading!

Bring A Portable Charger

This goes along with downloading the app…you’ll want to be prepared by bringing a portable charger. Now, let’s say you forget, you can always go find a kiosk on Disney property that sells portable chargers. However, with everyone else using up their battery life and needing more, I recommend coming prepared with your own.

Portable Chargers
These are all over Disney World- even in the resorts!

Keep your Eyes peeled for Hidden Mickeys & Easter Eggs

This is an undiscovered land…especially in the way of hidden Mickeys and Easter Eggs. For those of you wondering what an Easter Egg is…it’s a well-hidden “surprise” that most people will walk by and not notice even though it holds great significance. If you are looking for other Disney secrets, check out Three Secrets in Three Disney Parks!

We found one hidden Mickey (I’m sure there are more). We will give you a hint… the hidden Mickey we found is located fairly high in Batuu. Good luck!

An Easter Egg in Batuu contains the numbers 77, 80, and 83…now it’s up to you to figure out the rest…and where it is located 😉 

Star Wars Galaxy's Edge
Just a trash can?

Another Easter Egg is the trash cans! Who looks at trash cans?! You should…these are significant…as the number on them is the same number of the trash compactor that Luke, Leia, Han Solo & Chewbacca all escape out of!

Prepare for the Millennium Falcon: Smuggler’s Run!

Star Wars Galaxy's Edge Millennium Falcon: Smugglers's Run
The inside of Millennium Falcon: Smuggler’s Run

Millenium Falcon is very interactive, you’ll need to listen, watch, and be fast at those controls! So prepare your listening skills, your hand-eye coordination skills, and most of all, your piloting skills!

Bonus Prep

Alright, we’re going to give you a bonus way to prepare. Below is the layout of the land, complete with numbers that show exactly where everything is located! Now you can choose what locations/stops will be your priority when you visit!

Star Wars Galaxy's Edge map

Oh, one last thing…whether you need a restroom break or not…you’ll want to make sure you visit the restrooms! Did I mention how well themed Batuu was?

Star Wars Galaxy's Edge bathrooms

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