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Spots to Relax While Visiting EPCOT

May 24, 2023

Whether you are someone who likes to be in EPCOT from rope drop to park closing, or you just need a little break from the crowds, sometimes it’s helpful to find a quiet spot to relax.  After all, there is much more to EPCOT than rides.  Here’s where you can find some peaceful areas in the park.

Garden in the UK Pavilion

English garden in the UK Pavilion (Photo Credit: The DIS)

If you walk behind the shops in the UK Pavilion, you’ll come across a pretty English garden with hedges.  Occasionally, there is live music at the gazebo in the garden, but during the daytime the garden is often fairly empty.

Canada Pavilion

Walking up the stairs and past the gift shops, you’ll find a more secluded part of the pavilion.  Right by Hotel du Canada, there are a few benches to take a rest.  It’s extra peaceful with the sounds of the waterfall.

Morocco Pavilion

The Fez House in the Morocco Pavilion (Photo Credit: The DIS)

At first glance, this pavilion may not seem that large, but there is a lot to explore beyond the entrance.  Next to the Race Against the Sun exhibit is the Fez House, which is a Moroccan home.  The courtyard has beautiful tilework, glass lanterns, and some benches in the shade that are the perfect place for a little respite.  The Morocco Pavilion is not the most popular pavilion in World Showcase, so this spot remains a little haven even on crowded park days.  

Baby Care Center

The baby care centers are in each of the four theme parks.  They’re not only a convenient place to change diapers or nurse, but they are also great quiet spots to give little ones a break when they are overstimulated from the park.  Besides the large paper-lined changing tables and areas for nursing, the centers have seating areas with televisions.  In EPCOT, the Baby Care Center is part of the Odyssey building, just to the right of first aid.

DVC Member Lounge

Member Lounge at EPCOT

If you are a DVC member who qualifies for Membership Extras, you have access to the DVC Member Lounge, which is upstairs in the Imagination Pavilion.  Here, there are seating areas and complimentary snacks and beverages.  It’s also a nice air-conditioned place to charge up your devices since the tables have outlets.

Honorable Mention: EPCOT Resorts

If you are near the UK and France Pavilions, you could also exit EPCOT through International Gateway and head over to the Yacht and Beach Club or BoardWalk.  The Beach Club is closest to EPCOT and offers a few quiet spaces, such as the Solarium in the main building or the Breezeway and Drawing Room if you visit the lobby of the DVC building. 

Visiting EPCOT doesn’t have to be a stressful experience filled with attractions, crowds, and lines.  Take a stroll to some of these quiet spots, and enjoy a more relaxing park day!

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