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Radiator Springs Racers Closed for Holiday Weekend

May 27, 2022

The anchor attraction at Disney California Adventure reportedly noticed smoke coming from a ride cart. So now, it cannot operate during the holiday weekend.

If you’re a Disneyland Resort fan, you must go without Radiator Springs Racers for a few days. Here’s what happened.

Smoking at Cars Land

A reporter at the Orange County Register has confirmed what social media had chronicled Tuesday evening.

Six guests in a Radiator Springs Racers ride cart came to a complete stop and wondered what to do next.

Their confusion stemmed from the fact that smoke was coming from the back of their vehicle. 

Obviously, they were a bit panicked about the ordeal. Several other people noticed, and some posted videos on social media. 

The fake car was apparently literally burning rubber, or, at least, it smelled that way. 

Specific details about these situations are always a bit questionable, and Disney rarely helps. 

All park officials would confirm is that one ride vehicle suffered an incident of some sort. 

Cars Land Blue Bayou Restaurant (Photo: Disney Tourist Blog)

So, Disney closed the attraction “out of an abundance of caution.” The surprise came the following day when Radiator Springs Racers failed to open.

As the most popular attraction at Disney California Adventure, its absence always impacts the other rides. Therefore, Disney doesn’t want them offline unless absolutely necessary.

Whatever happened must have raised some alarms. Unfortunately, it’ll remain unavailable to guests this weekend. 

Disney didn’t specify a timeframe, using the word “indefinitely” instead. So I wouldn’t expect it to return until after Memorial Day on Monday. 

Park officials indicated that they’ll test Radiator Springs throughout the weekend to determine and solve the problem. 

If you’re visiting the Happiest Place on Earth this weekend, you should expect the lines at WEBSLINGERS: A Spider-Man Adventure to be outrageous.

Something has to fill the void here.

Other Disneyland Updates

Not all the news at Disneyland Resort is negative. Blue Bayou Restaurant will reopen on June 6th to everyone. 

However, the Orange County Register reports that it’ll have a phased reopening. The site first indicated that it could return as soon as this weekend.

Disney apparently clarified this misunderstanding and is now saying “early June.” I consider June 6th “early June,” so I guess it’ll be a few days before that? I’m sorry I cannot be more specific here.

Blue Bayou Restaurant (Photo: Disney Tourist Blog)

Disney suggests that you can check the Disneyland app to verify whether reservations are open for a given day.

At Disney California Adventure, you’ll find a unique, limited-time character greeting. 

Chip and Dale are saying hello at the entrance to Hollywood Land near the Hyperion Theater. 

The duo is wearing Rescue Rangers garb because that’s the purpose of the greeting. 

Disney is bringing attention to the Disney+ debut of Chip ‘n Dale Rescue Rangers. According to the Trending section, it’s currently the top film on Disney+. So, this character greeting is timely.

The Other Avengers Campus

I’m marrying this Disneyland update with one from Disneyland Paris because they’re about to share something in common.

The French Disney theme park will open its version of Avengers Campus in a few weeks.

Disney has confirmed a July 20th opening date at the world’s second Avengers Campus. 

Park officials also announced that Brie Larson will appear as Captain Marvel in the anchor attraction, Avengers Assemble: Flight Force.

If you’re unfamiliar with this attraction, Imagineers have changed the former Rock ‘n’ Roller Coaster Starring Aerosmith to an Avengers theme.

This move has led to some unique ride carts that look like Iron Man has built a PeopleMover. 

Here’s a promotional video for this themed land:

I don’t have much hope to provide for Walt Disney World fans if you want an Avengers Campus, too.

Universal Orlando Resort owns Marvel theme park licensing rights in perpetuity. Of course, Disney could always buy them out. 

After all, the company just did the same thing with the Daredevil/The Defenders in a $1.023 billion transaction with Netflix. 

Still, such a move seems unlikely until Epic Universe opens. Universal doesn’t have much incentive to drop its license at the moment.

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