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How to Earn the Most Money Renting Your DVC Points

March 11, 2024

At the DVC Rental Store, we’re constantly striving to enhance value for our Disney Vacation Club Members looking to rent their points. That is why it’s with great excitement that we announce a significant update to our member payout structure – now offering up to $20 per point on premium DVC resort reservations within the 7-11 month booking window! This adjustment not only sets a new standard in the industry but also exemplifies our unwavering commitment to our members.

Unmatched DVC Member Benefits

  • Increased Payouts: Members can now receive up to $20.00 per rented point, depending on the resort and booking window, making it the most competitive rate available.
  • Advanced Payments: Enjoy financial flexibility with our advanced payment system. Receive 75% of your total payout at the time of booking, with the remaining 25% delivered upon guest check-in.
  • Guided Rental Process: Our dedicated team is here to support you through every step of the rental process, ensuring a smooth and hassle-free experience.
  • Versatile Rental Options: Whether you’re looking to rent out your points directly or swap them for cruises, adventures, and more, we provide a variety of options to suit your lifestyle and preferences.
  • Rapid Renter Matching: The majority of our members find renters within a month, with many exhausting their points in just a week. Our proactive approach aims to rent your points in the fastest and most valuable way possible.
  • Secure Transactions: All rentals are backed by binding agreements and secure holding accounts, guaranteeing your full payment as long as terms are met and the initial guest payment is secured.
  • Flexible Disbursement Choices: Choose from multiple payment methods, including PayPal, company check, and ACH bank transfer, tailored to your convenience.

Your Partner in Maximizing DVC Membership

At DVC Rental Store, we’re your partner in maximizing the value of your Disney Vacation Club membership. With our updated payout rates and comprehensive support system, there’s never been a better time to explore renting your unused DVC points!

If you have questions or need further assistance in renting your DVC points, our team is ready to assist. Contact us at membermanagement@dvcrentalstore.com or call 855-382-7368. Let us help you unlock the full potential of your Disney Vacation Club membership today.

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