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How a DVC Member Can Pay Dues By Renting

April 22, 2019

“Dues are convenient and fun!” – said No DVC Member Ever. In fact annual DVC dues show up right after Christmas – when your bank account has just taken a hit from the holidays. Call it Murphy’s Law or whatever you want, but it also seems to be when all the other bills are showing up – the heater needs fixing, school tuition bill needs to be paid, and your car unexpectedly needs a trip to the mechanic.

dvc member

What if you could easily pay your dues and be done for the year!?! Well – you can! Let’s suppose you are a DVC member with 200 points at Bay Lake (a premium resort), and the annual dues come in at $6.58 per point. That breaks down to about $1316.00 in total dues.

DVC Rental Store rents points out at $16 a point (that’s the best deal out there, friends). So let’s say you rent 90 points to DVC Rental Store, get your $1440 in cash to cover your member dues, and you still have 110 points to use for the year!

How does a DVC Member rent their points?

How do you get started? It’s super easy and you can watch this video or read the steps below.

1. Fill out your agreements

dvc member

Fill out our Point Rental form letting us know your name, address, and email.

You’ll then sign our Intermediary Agreement (sample) and W-9 once it shows up in your email. After that’s all filled out, you’ll receive an email detailing how to set up your account in our member center. Our members currently receive $14.50 per rented point ($16.00 per point for Home Resort status at select resorts in the 7-11 month booking window).

We have the highest payout of any DVC point rental company! Many factors will affect the amount of time it may take to rent your points. Some of these include use year of your points, amount of points available, and home resort.

2. Create your account in our Member Center.

dvc member

You will want to add how many points you have available that you want to rent and also the use year of those points. We will also ask you if you are open to borrowing or using banked points to fill a renter’s accommodation request.

3. Check your email for offers.

This is where we work with the guest and Member Services to find available accommodations for their request. Guests let us know when they would like to vacation and at which DVC resort they’d like to enjoy.

Once we confirm availability with Member Services and they match your points, we’ll contact you via an email offer. You’ll need to act fast…we’re talking 1 hour! Availability is extremely time sensitive so you will need to be able to reserve immediately if you are awarded the reservation. You will then provide us with the reservation confirmation number upon booking.

4. You review & E-sign the rental agreement (sample) we send to you.

Your e-signature constitutes acceptance of the terms and conditions.

dvc member

5. You get paid.

We then send you 75% of the funds due to you via PayPal (you may open a PayPal account here), company check or ACH bank transfer. We withhold the remaining 25% until the day of check-in (your final payment will be made the next business day after the guest’s check-in for Saturday and Sunday arrivals) in order to ensure the guest that you have not canceled the reservation or done anything (delinquent on mortgage or maintenance fees) to impede their resort check-in. There are no receiving fees deducted from your payment when you receive your funds via PayPal.

dvc member

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