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Disney’s Aulani Resort Review

February 17, 2020

What could be better than a trip to Disney or Hawaii? A trip to Aulani, where you get a Disney fix in the paradise of Hawaii! So, the next question that begs an answer is: Is it worth buying Aulani Disney Vacation Club points? Well, we explore that question as well as the whole Aulani resort in this blog. 


Pros to Aulani

Hello Hawaii

Most people think of paradise when they think of Hawaii. So of course the location is the first big draw to Aulani. There are also lots of excursions to enjoy while at the resort: exploring Pearl Harbor attractions, zip lining packages, opportunities to see Hawaii from the sky in a helicopter, or exploring the underwater marine life in Hawaii. You can enjoy day cruises, swimming with dolphins, hiking Oahu with a tour guide, and even taking a one day tour to Kawaii or Maui. You can get paddleboard lessons, surf lessons, or even take a self-guided kayaking adventure!


Activities Included In The Stay At Aulani

Aulani seems to have more activities included with their stay than most other Deluxe Disney Resorts. This is probably because there are no Disney parks in close proximity, and guests are looking for things to do. Included in your stay are the typical pool and beach activities, as well as scavenger hunts, Ohana Movie Nights, live entertainment, and character meets. They even have fire-pit storytelling and ukulele lessons that are included with your reservations. Disney has made Aulani very family friendly! If however, parents need some time away from the kiddos, they can easily drop the children off at Aunty’s Beach House for free childcare. 

A Touch of Disney at Aulani Resort

Another pro for Aulani is that there is a hint of Disney. It’s not overpowering and in your face like a trip to Disney World or Disneyland would be. So, if you have family members or friends who are ok with Disney but really just want a relaxing vacation, then Aulani may be a great compromise. You get your Disney fix, and they get a relaxing vacation. 

Cost of Aulani Compared To Other Hawaii Resorts

To compare apples to apples, we picked only the other resorts in Ko Olina that surround Aulani for our cost comparison analysis. We also looked selectively at studio type rooms. To stay at the Four Seasons Resort Oahu, Ko Olina, prices start at $735 – $1000+ per night. The Marriott’s Ko Olina Beach Club came in a little lower at $469-$729. A cash stay at Aulani costs on average between $524 – $720. However, if you rent DVC points, you can stay at Aulani for approximately $323 -$475 per night. You get even better deals per night if you are a DVC member. 

Cons to Aulani

No Disney Theme Park

One of the drawbacks to Aulani is that there is no Magic Kingdom…or Epcot…or any other Disney park. Now, this could be a good thing depending on who you are. As we mentioned above in the A Touch of Disney section. However, if you dream of riding Flight of Passage, and you cannot wait to walk down Main Street, then you may think going to Aulani is a loss. Honestly, that is the only downside of Aulani that we could think up…so…only positive vibes here.


Should You Become An Aulani DVC Member?

Maybe. Maybe not. Do you plan to go to Hawaii every year? Then yes, this is a great investment for your vacation future. Do you plan to use your DVC points at Walt Disney World or Disneyland every year? If the answer is yes, then you probably want to find a home resort at WDW or Disneyland so you can get reservations 11 months prior to your trip. 

As a side note, to book rooms at Aulani, it does require a higher amount of points compared to other DVC resorts. Therefore, you will want to invest in a larger point contract. The good news is that there is a lower upfront cost on resale contracts. They have been running around $99 per point, give or take. Unfortunately, annual dues are also on the higher side for this Disney resort. You weigh the options for you, is this a Disney Vacation Club Resort contract worth buying?


We hope you have enjoyed this review of Aulani. Check out our blog for more information on Purchasing Vs. Renting DVC Points. For info on the different themes of DVC Resorts, visit Each Walt Disney World DVC Resort In A Word. If you are looking to buy into Disney Vacation Club, we recommend you read Why Your DVC Home Resort Matters [For Your Wallet & Experience]. We also recommend you find out How To Try A DVC Resort Before Buying into Disney Vacation Club.

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