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Best Times to Rent DVC Points in 2023

January 17, 2021

Yes, we still suffer under the weight of the pandemic a bit longer, but that situation should improve as the year goes along. In the meantime, Walt Disney World qualifies as one of the safest places on the planet. So, you possess plenty of incentive to visit soon. Here are eight of the best times to rent DVC Points in 2023 plus a bonus suggestion.

Right Now!

From now on, resorts feature up to seven Travel Periods.

That’s Disney terminology for when the nightly DVC Points cost changes. Some of the dates I suggest will maximize your vacation budget by saving you DVC Points.

DVC Rental Store plans ahead by scheduling some vacations for potential guests. You can and should browse our list of available DVC Reservations for last-minute reservations!

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Picture Courtesy of DisneyTouristBlog.com

For the price of a week at the Holiday Inn, you could end the month hanging out at Disney Springs! These are the kind of deals DVC Rental Store is happy to offer its customers!


Spring Break will provide an opportunity to be anywhere but here for a week. Disney recognizes this fact, which explains why a hotel stay requires more DVC Points. We’re talking about a fractional increase, though.

For example, Disney’s Old Key West Resort charges 78 DVC Points for a week’s stay in January. During the popular Spring Break travel period, that number increases to 113 DVC Points.

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Photo Courtesy of DisneyTouristBlog.com

Yes, you’ll spend more, but you’ll get to visit Orlando when the weather is warmer. Just as importantly, you’ll escape the drudgery of your daily routine for a while.


Mid-May seems like an ideal time to visit Walt Disney World. The DVC Points Chart remains on the lower end (third tier out of seven), while the weather is terrific.

Disney can get scorching hot during the summer, and you’ll pay more for DVC Points at that time of year, too.

So, mid-May qualifies as the sweet spot for a lovely vacation, especially for those without children. Kids won’t get out of school for another couple of weeks.

After Labor Day

DVC veterans know one of the program’s best-kept secrets. September counts as the best time to visit Walt Disney World.

The EPCOT International Food & Wine Festival usually starts in late-August now, and the DVC Points Chart includes its least expensive travel period in early September.

In other words, you can vacation at the cheapest cost for the entire year! So, you can splurge for better accommodations or pick the cheapest possible room to stretch your vacation budget.

I’ve vacationed at Disney many times in mid-September since it’s around my birthday. Statistically, the odds are pretty good that it’s someone in your family’s birthday, too, a byproduct of cold, cuddly December nights.

Ergo, you’ve got extra incentive to visit on or after Labor Day. And the prices are dirt cheap!

Halloween Week 

When you arrive on or just before Halloween, you’ll also receive an added bonus. Walt Disney World theme parks switch to Christmas decorations starting on November 2nd or so.

By timing your trip right, you can bask in the glow of Halloween AND Christmas during your trip! My family has done this four out of the past five years, and we’re absolutely addicted.

This past November, my brother’s family and I were texting one another pictures of the changes occurring throughout the day at Disney’s Animal Kingdom and Magic Kingdom. It’s phenomenal to watch unfold.

You can check DVC Rental Store availability for your target dates and then plan your joint holiday trip from there.

Early December

I don’t know about you, but I’m a Christmas fanatic. I start watching Hallmark holiday movies in mid-October.

While I generally visit Walt Disney World for Halloween, I have family members who vastly prefer early December. They love the crowd levels and sometimes get to watch Disney record holiday specials.

Yes, you can watch the celebrity performances from Disney’s annual ABC Christmas special in early December!

Better yet, the Points Chart decidedly works in your favor. Like late-January, it’s the second-best Travel Period to maximize points!

Why, you could spend an entire week at Disney’s BoardWalk Villas for only 78 DVC Points! That’s outrageously cheap!

Boardwalk Villas - DVC Rentals

Christmas Week

I’ve written about Disney for many years now. As you might imagine, friends deem me an expert and ask me many questions about their trips.

I understand how many of you adore spending the holidays at Walt Disney World, just as I know the data about park traffic on these dates. They’re the ones that are most likely for Disney to reach capacity.

Of course, you’ll still find plenty to do on the Disney campus when you’re not at the parks, something I emphasize when people ask.

From a DVC Points perspective, Christmas Week represents the most expensive time on the calendar. It’s a small price to pay for an unforgettable holiday vacation, though, right?

To make the experience that much more magical, I’d suggest Disney’s Animal Kingdom Villas. You should book Savannah View so that you spend the holidays looking out at your window at frolicking animals.

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You’ll need 188 DVC Points for a one-week stay. Next week, DVC Rental Store can start booking for Christmas Week 2021!

Get in contact with a representative immediately to guarantee a room. DVC resorts WILL sell out.

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