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Tron Lightcycle Run at Disney's Magic Kingdom

A Quick Guide to Disney World’s Virtual Queues

June 30, 2023

The latest and greatest attractions at Walt Disney World don’t offer standby lines.  Instead, Disney offers a free virtual queue through the My Disney Experience app, so guests don’t have to physically stand in incredibly long lines.  Currently, TRON Lightcycle / Run at the Magic Kingdom and Guardians of the Galaxy: Cosmic Rewind at EPCOT use virtual queues.  Here are some pointers on how to join a virtual queue for these attractions.

When Can You Join the Queues?

There are up to 3 chances to join a virtual queue for Guardians of the Galaxy: Cosmic Rewind. (Photo Credit: Disney Tourist Blog)

The virtual queues open at 7am and 1pm daily.  If you stay at a Disney Deluxe Resort (including DVC resorts), you can join another queue at 6pm during Extended Evening Theme Park Hours at the Magic Kingdom and EPCOT.  

Do I Need a Theme Park Reservation?

For the 7am queue, you need a park reservation for the theme park in which the attraction is located.  You do not have to physically be in the theme park.  

For the 1pm queue, you have to scan into the tapstiles at Magic Kingdom for TRON or EPCOT for Guardians, so having a theme park reservation helps you get first dibs.  Note that you don’t have to physically be in those parks at 1pm.  For example, if you had scanned into Magic Kingdom in the morning and returned to your resort at noon, you can still try for the 1pm queue.  If there is still availability after 2pm, you may be able to join the queue for a boarding group after park hopping.  

To join the 6pm queue during the Extended Evening Theme Park Hours, you need a park reservation if you have a regular theme park ticket.  If you have a park hopper or annual pass, you can join the 6pm queue if you have already visited the park that you reserved for that day.  You don’t have to be in the park when trying to join the queue.

How Do You Join the Queue?

You’ll join the queue via the My Disney Experience app. (Photo Credit: Disney Tourist Blog)

Log into your My Disney Experience app a few minutes before the queue time.  Go to “Virtual Queues” from the home screen.  Hit “Join Virtual Queue,” and then hit “Confirm Your Party.”  This ensures that you link everyone in your travel party in My Disney Experience.  

Starting a minute before the queue time, keep hitting the refresh button at the bottom of the screen until you see “Join Virtual Queue.”  Hit that button, and follow the prompts as quickly as possible.  

What Happens After I Get a Boarding Group?

Once you have a boarding group, you’ll wait for it to be called.  You can check the status of your group in the My Disney Experience app, which will give an estimated wait time.  A push notification on your phone will alert you when your group is called. After it is called, you have a one-hour window to join the physical line at the attraction.  

Can You Join More Than One Queue a Day?

You can join another virtual queue at 6pm during Extended Evening Theme Park Hours at EPCOT.

Technically, yes.  If you received a boarding group at 7am, you cannot get another boarding group for that same attraction at 1pm.  However, if you are eligible for the Extended Evening Theme Park Hours, you can get a second boarding group from the 6pm virtual queue for the same attraction on the same day.  

Tips for the Boarding Groups

  • The boarding groups are distributed quickly.  Sometimes they run out within seconds, so move swiftly through the virtual queue prompts!
  • Cast members have been strict in enforcing the return window for TRON, so don’t go too far away if your boarding group is coming up!  With Guardians, they have been more lenient with return times.  
  • If you get a boarding group from the 6pm queue, your group can be called before the Extended Evening Theme Park Hours begin.
  • Getting a boarding group doesn’t guarantee that you will be able to ride the attraction.  After all, rides can break down.  

Plan your next trip to Walt Disney World to check out the latest attractions!  Search the DVC Rental Store’s confirmed reservations or check availability for other dates. 

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