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What to Expect Working With A Disney Travel Advisor

May 16, 2019

One of the best kept secrets of renting points from a DVC member at DVC Rental Store is that you get to work with a Travel Advisor!! Notice I did not say Travel Agent. Nope, we call them Advisors. I mean – you call the person who helps with your finances a financial adviser…why not call the person who helps with your trip to Disney a  Travel Advisor?! Advising is, afterall, what they are doing best! You tell them what you need or want, and they use all of their knowledge to set you up for the best trip to Disney!

Here’s another secret – Disney has a College of Knowledge. Yep. Disney has a college! Every Travel Advisor at DVC Rental Store has graduated and continued education through Disney’s College of Knowledge, so they know all the latest information, all the insider secrets, all the little tips that will make your stay even more magical! Why not ask them all the questions!?!!

What are Other Guests Saying?

Don’t just take my word, listen to what others have said about working with a travel adviser:

  • Michelle says, “We had such an amazing time on our trip! Jane made everything run so smoothly, from securing our beautiful resort, to linking our tickets and dining plan. We can’t wait to do it again!”
  • Mindy spoke very highly of Joanie, “It was truly a seamless experience and Joanie handled everything before we arrived. She made sure we had the dining plan attached, answered questions and concerns promptly, since this was our first experience with DVC rental store, and gave loads of tips and suggestions! This is a true value for a first rate Disney vacation when you want the best accommodations at a lower price point, that you may not otherwise be able to afford. The daily housekeeping isn’t an option, but we actually prefer it that way. We will be looking to stay with DVC rental on our next return! Thank you Joanie for making our first experience memorable and hassle free.”
  • After returning from their recent trip, Ayla had this to share, “We cannot thank Kate at DVC Rental Store enough for assisting with another vacation! This is our second time renting points and it’s possibly the best way ever to enjoy Disney! We loved every minute at The Polynesian!! Our youngest has autism, and being able to afford a deluxe resort, access to all amazing amenities and having monorail access made this trip even more magical than imagined! The professionalism, suggestions, speedy responses and guidance from Kate has been amazing every time! We cannot wait to plan for our 2020 Spring vacation! Thank you so much!!”

Who are Our Magical Travel Advisors?

So who are these insightful guides? The Yoda to our Luke Skywalker, the Phil to our Hercules, the Mary Poppins to our childhood hearts, or the Edna Mode to our Incredible Family? Here are a few of them enjoying Disney together a few weeks ago!

To get to know each of them specifically, and read more about their biographies, click here and meet our team!

How Can A Travel Advisor help you?

I took a moment to sit down with Lindsay Wheatley, Director of our Travel Advisors, and asked her a few questions:

I see a lot of feedback forms from our guests that thank our travel advisers for helping them have seamless trip. Could you explain why they are using this word “seamless.”

Lindsay: I think in regards to the DVC Rental Store, [guests] are coming in with a little bit of hesitancy, especially those who have never worked with us. Renting DVC points for a reservation is still kind of new. Seven years ago, it [renting DVC points] was literally the hidden gem to Disney travel… it is an excellent way to stay at deluxe resorts on property for a fraction of the cost. As much as we take for granted that is the way to go, [and] while it is more known [than before], it is not the number one way of travel and a lot of people are still learning about it. So the seamless for us, is that the [guest] has a little hesitancy before they get to the resort that everything is as their travel adviser told them it was…so when they arrive and everything is as the travel adviser said it would be…I think that is the reference to ‘seamless’ that they are talking about.

What kind of advice would you give a mom who has 3 kids and is going to spend a day at Magic Kingdom?

Lindsay: I would say, first and foremost, listen to what your kids are telling you. Everybody tries to get that perfect Magic Kingdom Day and push it towards the edge of extinction, and that’s honestly probably one thing I would recommend not doing. Make use out of the time that you have, while they are happy, and then enjoy the resort. A lot of people spend a lot of money on the resort and then spend the least amount of time there. The resorts are some of the best places you can be at Disney just because of what they offer…You can always come back [to the park]. I think a lot of people don’t know that with even just a one day ticket, you can come and go from the same park as many times as you like in that one day. So take advantage of it.

In the age of the internet and google where we can get most of our questions answered, what extra value do our Travel Advisors bring to our guests that an internet cannot give?

Lindsay: Well I think the biggest thing we give, and specific to the DVC Rental Store, is just how well we truly get to know our guests, and that doesn’t happen when you do a google search or  you are going through the Disney website. All of the travel advisors on the DVC Rental Store team are very proud of the relationships we make with our guests. We know if the guest is celebrating a birth, a graduation, a wedding, or even a celebration of life! And guests, after so many emails or [conversations], are willing to share that information, and it …becomes a person to person relationship…For us here at the DVC Rental Store, we value the relationships we make with each of our guests.

How do I get connected to a Travel Advisor?

Lindsay: So our process is the same across the board, it starts with our availability request form. A lot of times, guests ask why we need so much information on that request form, because it is lengthy. The reality is, the information provided is no different from what Disney asks when you book direct from Disney. We all ask the same information, we [DVC Rental Store] just ask it all up front because availability can change quickly, so if we are in the process of securing your reservation and need to move forward quickly, then we don’t want to have to wait on that information….once that request form is received, it gets assigned to a travel adviser. That travel adviser becomes the travel adviser you work with for every trip forward, not just the one you submitted. That’s what helps build that relationship. Once you have a guest that has secured 3, 5, 10 trips, often the guest will email [the travel adviser] direct and ask what is available… That’s what is great about DVC Rental Store, is that once you are assigned a travel adviser, you will work with them for every trip, so there is no bouncing back and forth between people.

If you would like to hear our full conversation and find out some of Lindsay’s favorite trips she has booked for guests, you can  check it out here.

Thanks for getting to know us! We absolutely love getting to know and work with each of you (and your family) and give you the best experience possible! Have a magical day!

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