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10 Reasons to Rent Your Points With DVC Rental Store

May 16, 2022

DVC Members that aren’t able to use their Disney Vacation Club points don’t have to let them expire without getting value out of them. In fact, many members come right to the DVC Rental Store to rent out their points. While there are other brokers and private rentals out there, DVC Members continue to come to DVC Rental Store, the largest and most-trusted source for DVC rentals.

Here are just a few reasons why:

DVC Rental Store Pays DVC Members the Most

The DVC Rental Store has long held the reputation of paying members the most when it comes to renting their DVC points!

Just recently – the DVC Rental Store increased payouts up to $18 per point to ensure that our DVC Members are getting the most value for their points.

A real-life example of what this payout looks like for a reservation can be seen by a recent 234-point Polynesian reservation one of our members booked.

This member will receive $4,212 paid to them from the DVC Rental Store. Use our income calculator to see how much money you can make by renting your DVC points!

DVC Rental Store Pays the Most Up Front

Not only does the DVC Rental Store pay up to $18 per point to members, but we also pay the most upfront! The DVC Rental Store pays 75% upfront to all members after the reservation is booked.

In relation to the above 234-point Polynesian reservation, $3,159 would be paid upfront, with the remaining $1,053 paid on check-in day. With DVC Rental Store paying the most to its members and the most upfront, you’ll be getting the best value possible for your Disney Vacation Club points.

A Trusted Source for DVC Members

DVC Members utilize the DVC Rental Store because they know it to be a trusted source for timely, accurate payouts. The DVC Rental Store has paid over $70 million to DVC Members in over a decade of business! 

That $70 million is the equivalent of being able to purchase almost 4,000 100-point Grand Floridian DVC contracts!

DVC Point Swap Opportunities

Not going to Disney, but still want to get value out of your points? The DVC Rental Store has the most opportunities for members to swap their points and use them for a different kind of vacation! You can come to us and swap your points out for other unique adventures. These include:

And be on the lookout for a new, exciting swap coming soon!

By swapping your points with the DVC Rental Store, you can get more value out of your points than if you swapped them directly with Disney.

For example, a 7-night Eastern Caribbean Disney Cruise on the Disney Fantasy in May ‘22 would be 674 points to swap directly with Disney. With the DVC Rental Store, that exact same sailing would be 331 points – a 343 point savings!

The DVC Rental Store Service

Our Member Relations Specialist Team prides itself on giving members a Disney level of service. Our team members are point experts, or “pointologists” as we like to say, and ensure that DVC Members are maximizing the value of each and every vacation point!

Each of our team members goes through an extensive training program headlined by our Director of Employee Development and Education, Kerri MacPherson.

Kerri was a 20-year cast member for Disney and was the 2008 Walt Disney World Ambassador.

Have a question about how to use your DVC points? Contact our Member Relations Specialist Team TODAY and we’ll be happy to help!

Booking Flexibility

DVC Members love coming to the DVC Rental Store to rent their points because they know the DVC Rental Store gives them the most booking flexibility!

The three ways DVC Members book points are:

  • Claiming Reservations – You can see all of the reservations that guests want booked and claim the reservations that match best with your points.
  • Having Their Points Matched (most popular option) – You put your DVC points in the DVC Rental Store system, and our Member Relations Team will alert you when the points match a reservation request!
  • Listing a Pre-Booked Reservation – Have a vacation you can no longer travel on? You can book a reservation with your points and then try to rent the whole reservation on the DVC Rental Store site.

The DVC Rental Store is the only company in the industry that offers all three options, giving DVC Members the ultimate flexibility!

Intermediary Agreements

The DVC Rental Store acts as the intermediary between DVC Members and the Guests that are renting their points. Our Intermediary Agreement outlines the details of the relationship between the DVC Member and the DVC Rental Store in order to best protect the DVC Member when renting points.

A ‘Force Majeure‘ clause is one item that you will see in other brokers’ Intermediary Agreements, but not the DVC Rental Store’s. A Force Majeure at other brokers states that the DVC Member will owe the broker back the money they’ve received if ‘acts of God, acts of government, embargoes, war, riot, epidemic, pandemic, natural disaster, or governmental order restrictions’ were to happen. In other words, if the DVC Member had rented points and up against a situation like March 2020 again, the other brokers would force the DVC Members to pay them back the money they had already received.

In our Sample Intermediary Agreement, you will see that no such clause exists at the DVC Rental Store, and DVC Members can feel protected when they rent their points through us!

Rental Agreement Protections

Not only are DVC Members protected through their Intermediary Agreement with the DVC Rental Store, but the DVC Rental Store also makes sure they are protected from Guests with Rental Agreements.

Both the DVC Member and the Guest renting the DVC points must sign binding Rental Agreements to keep the Member protected. A sample Rental Agreement can be found here. All sides remain protected, and the DVC Member can rest assured that a binding agreement is in place.

Full Payment Guaranteed

Once a reservation is booked by a DVC Member and the Guest makes their initial payment, the DVC Member’s full, 100% payout is guaranteed as long as they abide by the Rental and Intermediary agreements.

This means that even if a guest cancels their reservation, the DVC Member will still get their full payout for the reservation!

DVC Rental Store Account

DVC Members that rent their points love having access to all of their information in the DVC Rental Store’s Account Center. Within the Account Center, DVC Members can:

  • Add the DVC points they want to rent
  • Claim listings that they’re interested in renting
  • View booked reservations and agreements

And MORE! DVC Members are able to have full visibility into their rentals, points, and relationship with the DVC Rental Store.

It’s easy to see why DVC Members choose to rent their points with the DVC Rental Store. Ready to rent your points? Create an account today!

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