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Epic Universe - Main Entrance

Unveiling the EPIC: A Peek into Universal Orlando’s Epic Universe Coming in 2025!

January 30, 2024

In the ever-evolving landscape of theme parks and unforgettable adventures, Universal Orlando Resort is poised to redefine epic with the grand opening of Universal Epic Universe in 2025. This extraordinary addition marks the fourth theme park at the resort, promising a weeklong voyage into realms of enchantment and exhilaration that have yet to be experienced.

A New Age of Adventure: Universal Epic Universe

Universal Epic Universe will be a sprawling landscape of innovation and excitement, offering a constellation of over 50 attractions, entertainment, dining, and shopping experiences. It’s not merely an extension of Universal Orlando Resort—it’s a transformation into a destination where the breadth of adventure spans an entire week and beyond.

Celestial Park: The Heart of Epic Universe

At the center lies Celestial Park, a serene expanse of natural beauty where rolling gardens, chasing waterways, and strolling pathways converge beneath breathtaking, astronomically-inspired architecture. Designed to put the “park” back into “theme park,” this oasis serves as a nucleus of tranquility and the portal to other incredible worlds within Epic Universe.

Portals to Imagination: The Worlds Beyond

As explorers chart their course through Celestial Park, they will find gates to four additional unique universes:

  • The Wizarding World of Harry Potter – Ministry of Magic: Delve into the magical 1920s Paris of the Fantastic Beasts films and the iconic British Ministry of Magic from the Harry Potter series, creating a fusion of eras and enchantments.
  • SUPER NINTENDO WORLD: Enter through the iconic green pipe and step into a life-sized playground inhabited by Mario, Luigi, and other cherished Nintendo characters.
  • How to Train Your Dragon – Isle of Berk: Soar alongside dragons and embrace the Viking spirit in this vibrant world born from the beloved How to Train Your Dragon franchise.
  • Dark Universe: Embark upon a journey through chilling tales where you’ll encounter the creations of Dr. Victoria Frankenstein and traverse landscapes prowled by legendary monsters.

Celestial Park: Attractions and Experiences Galore

Aside from the peaceful allure of its gardens, Celestial Park also boasts adrenaline-fueled rides and unique experiences:

  • Starfall Racers: Feel the surge of a dual-launch racing coaster that propels guests on comet-like crafts, reaching speeds of 62 mph and heights of 133 feet.
  • Constellation Carousel: The magnificent centerpiece where visitors spin among the stars on constellations that pivot and twirl in every direction.
  • Astronomica: An interactive water playground that doubles as a celestial compass, guiding adventurers to the wonders of the universe.

Dining Among the Stars: Culinary Delights

Celestial Park caters to all tastes with its diverse culinary offerings:

  • Atlantic: Indulge in a surf and turf experience inside a Victorian-themed aquarium with mesmerizing park views.
  • The Blue Dragon Pan-Asian Restaurant: Savour authentic Asian cuisine surrounded by neon dragons and mystic lanterns.
  • Other must-visit venues include The Oak & Star Tavern, known for hearty barbecue delights, and Pizza Moon, for those craving an interstellar spin on classic pizza.

Universal Helios Grand Hotel

Lastly, Epic Universe will house the Universal Helios Grand Hotel, a haven of luxury with 500 rooms and direct access to the theme park, ensuring that the celestial journey never pauses.

Stay tuned, as more secrets of Universal Epic Universe will be unraveled with the debut of an interactive preview center at Universal CityWalk later this year. The future of theme park entertainment is on the horizon, and it promises to be nothing short of universal proportions.

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