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DVC Point Borrowing Restrictions Removed

July 12, 2022

For the past two years, Members have been limited in how they use their Disney Vacation Club points due to borrowing restrictions. That ends today!

Disney Vacation Club has announced that effective July 12th, 2022, Members can once again borrow their full (100%) allotment of vacation points from their next Use Year.

Removing the DVC point borrowing restrictions that have been in place since April 2020 is significant for both Members and Guests:

Greater Flexibility for DVC Member Bookings

We’ve heard from many Disney Vacation Club Members throughout the past two years who point borrowing restrictions have negatively impacted. With DVC borrowing now returning to normal, Members will be able to use their memberships as intended initially. For some, this means planning their first trip back to Walt Disney World!

Members renting their Disney Vacation Club points have also been affected by borrowing restrictions. Those Members looking to rent these newly available points should log in to their DVC Rental Store Member Center Account and update the points they would like to rent via the My DVC Points tab.

Tightening DVC Availability for Guests

If there is a negative that may come with this DVC borrowing change, it will likely be seen with room availability. 

DVC Point Borrowing restrictions were initially implemented during the pandemic due to room inventory concerns. With many point expiration dates extended, members’ number of available points far exceeded the rooms available to book. It is possible now that this DVC Borrowing restriction is relaxed, we may begin to see further tightening of availability for guests looking to rent a DVC Villa.

We already have many Members looking to rent some of these newly borrowed DVC points! Guests looking to take a Walt Disney World vacation within the next 7-11 months should start planning and get ahead of any availability issues. Head to our DVC Availability Tool to browse available resorts, rooms, and dates. When you’re ready to move forward, click “request now”, and then you can complete the reservation request quote form.  

Overall, this news is extremely exciting for both Members and Guests, and we hope that the return of DVC Point Borrowing provides everyone an opportunity to return to the magic of staying at a Disney Vacation Club Resort!

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