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Mary-Shannon Crawford

Mary-Shannon has been a part of the DVC Rental Store team since January 2022 and has a background working in customer service.  

As a former Walt Disney World Cast Member of over five years at the Disney Reservation Center, Mary-Shannon has a vast knowledge of all things Disney and the skills to help Guests plan their perfect Disney World Vacation.  

Born in Fort Lauderdale, FL, Mary-Shannon has lived all around the state of Florida, before settling in Orlando in September 2016. She lives with her wonderful cat Evie and spends her time exploring the state she calls home with family and friends.  

Being a native Floridian, Disney has been a part of her life since before she could remember. Almost every milestone in her and her family’s lives has been celebrated at Walt Disney World and she loves showing Walt Disney World to people for the first time.  

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