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Happy 30th Birthday EPCOT! Part 1

WRITTEN BY: Paul Little, The DVC Rental Store and Be Our Guest Vacations Inc. | 11 Oct 2012

Happy birthday! Epcot at the Walt Disney World Resort in Florida recently turned 30 years old. In celebration I thought we’d share a walk around World Showcase together. We won’t tarry long, we have a whole world to cover. Look for more in depth reviews in future posts.

Let’s start our journey in the United Kingdom. Epcot’s UK pavilion combines aspects of Ireland, Scotland, Wales and England. Stroll down cobble-stone streets among old-world British architecture and gardens. Venture into a short hedge maze that kids will love. There’s a wide selection of shops, bountiful entertainment and a street-performing comedy improv troupe, and many picturesque settings to relax and enjoy.

Think of all the joy you’ll find…


WRITTEN BY:  Lauren Enochs, DVC Rental Store and Be Our Guest Vacations | 21 Sept 2012


…when you leave the world behind, and bid your cares goodbye!

Peter Pan knows it’s true.  The secret to soaring higher than your wildest imagination is to let go of your worries, and think of only the happy thoughts.

As our inaugural post here on the DVC Rental Store Blog, I think this is the most fitting piece of advice we can all give you about your Disney Vacation plans.  I’m Lauren, one of the proud Cast Members here.  I plan vacations for you lovely people all day long; and it’s just the best job I could ask for.  Really, I love it!  As a lifelong Disney fan and aficionado who has visited the parks too many times to count, it means a lot to me that your vacation wishes come true, and that you really enjoy your time at whichever Disney Destination you have in mind. (more…)