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Walt Disney World Just for Kids? I Think Not!

June 5, 2014

Often times I hear remarks from adults who have not been to Walt Disney World that resemble the phrases “Disney World is just for kids.” “Why would I want to spend my vacation at a theme park?” I often smirk and wonder how someone could be saying these things about my favorite vacation destination. After much thought it has become clear to me that these adults need to know that Walt Disney World is not just for children. There are plenty of things to do that adults would fully enjoy and that is why many people continue to vacation at the World without children in tow.

Twilight Zone Tower of Terror - Photo Courtesy Tom Bricker

Twilight Zone Tower of Terror – Photo Courtesy Tom Bricker

Many adults do not realize that Disney has some pretty cool rides that most anyone would enjoy. There are twists and turns around every roller coaster including the thrilling, “Rock N Roller Coaster” at the Disney’s Hollywood Studios, Space Mountain at the Magic Kingdom, and not to mention the ever popular Test Track at EPCOT. Ride junkies have not experienced a thrill ride until they step foot inside of an elevator that will soon drop you 13 stories when you are not the least expecting it. Now tell me what young child is going to be riding this? None! Disney knows how to satisfy any age and that is why there are rides that accommodate adults and children alike. If you are not into thrill rides that is okay because Disney still has you covered with brilliant shows and other activities.

Rock ‘n’ Rollercoaster Starring Aerosmith - Photo Courtesy Tom Bricker

Rock ‘n’ Rollercoaster Starring Aerosmith – Photo Courtesy Tom Bricker

Dining is another huge part of a vacation and Disney is no exception when it comes to fantastic dining. I will take eating in a car at Sci-Fine Dine-in Theater any day or enjoying a Limóncello on the patio at Via Napoli in EPCOT. The restaurants vary and will accommodate any taste or preference for that perfect meal for any occasion. Most children cannot appreciate fine food but adults can and they can even enjoy a nice beverage along

Limoncello Lemon Drop at Via Napoli

Limoncello Lemon Drop at Via Napoli

Lets now head onto activities outside of the four theme parks that adults can partake in on their vacation to a so called “kid only zone.” Fishing, golfing, racecar driving, boating, parasailing, or enjoying an adult beverage at the poolside bar are just a few activities that can be done at Walt Disney World. A Disney vacation does not mean everyday or second must be spent at the theme park. There are different activities everywhere you look and your days can be planned with non-park time to I could continue this list with a dozen more activities and events that adults only can participate in at Walt Disney World. It is not fair to say that Walt Disney World is just for children because there is plenty of adult fun to be head on property. I cannot stress how much I would love for people to give the trip a try before they put down Disney. Anyway, wouldn’t we all like to feel like a kid again every once in awhile? I know I do and that is why I want adults to experience the magic at Disney World that I experience on every single trip.

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