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Three Shows Return at EPCOT

October 3, 2021

Walt Disney World executives want to hit a grand slam this weekend. So, they’re leaving nothing to chance.

For this reason, some previously canceled shows and performances will return on October 1st. So let’s talk about what’s back!

EPCOT Stages a Comeback

Last year felt like the most depressing time ever at EPCOT. Sadly, a budget shortfall forced the cancellation of several beloved performances at the World Showcase.

This week, park officials have decided to bring back many of your favorites, including Master Juggler Sergio at the Italy pavilion.

Yes, the entertainer with the red whistle and Where’s Waldo look will juggle once again this weekend! Shows started at 11:50 a.m. on October 1st.

Here’s a video of an old performance to remind you of the greatness of this juggling act:

Similarly, Alberta Bound returns to the Mill Stage at the Canada pavilion on October 1st.

The Canadian folk-rock band will return to its former schedule of five weekly performances.

Band members actually tweeted the current performance schedule. You can catch them at:

  • 2 p.m.
  • 3:15 p.m.
  • 5 p.m.
  • 6:15 p.m.
  • 7:30 p.m.

Remember that show schedules are always subject to change, though.

Here’s a refresher on what their shows sound like:

By the way, that’s not the only thing happening at the Canada pavilion. Disney is already planning for the end of the 2021 EPCOT International Food & Wine Festival.

Afterward, Canada Far & Wide will return on November 21st. As a reminder, park officials are currently using this space for Food & Wine events.

So, nothing can change before Food & Wine shuts down. Still, you’ll have two more reasons to visit the Canada pavilion by Thanksgiving.

PS: There is a post on Facebook that suggests Sergio may not return tomorrow. However, Disney lists performance times on the official site.

Just to be safe, you should check My Disney Experience on your arrival date to verify that he’s performing.

The Drummers Are Back!

I’ve also saved the best for last here. That thing we’ve all missed at the Japan pavilion returns tomorrow.

Yes, the Matsuriza Drummers will make their triumphant return after 18 months away from the park.

When Disney closed Sergio and Matsuriza’s performances, the changes seemed permanent. So, this is a massive win for EPCOT fans.

Also, here’s video from today’s return show:

I previously mentioned that Disney has also brought back a pianist at Casey’s Corner. So, it’s safe to say that Disney recognizes the parks have been a bit too quiet during the pandemic.

Other EPCOT Updates

By the way, the transition from Future World to four different themed lands is now official.

When you check attraction locations on My Disney Experience, you’ll notice four Neighborhoods now rather than Future World locations.

The new Neighborhoods are World Celebration, World Discovery, World Nature, and the World Showcase.

Effectively, Future World just split into three sections. The Land pavilion and The Seas with Nemo & Friends are on the World Nature side.

Mission: SPACE and Test Track fall into the World Discover portion of the park. Then, everything around the old spine of Spaceship Earth is in World Celebration.

Oddly, the Imagination! pavilion falls under the World Celebration section, not World Nature. I suspect that’s due to theming rather than locality.

I’d mentioned in the Creations Shop/Club Cool article that this change was coming. Still, it happened without any sort of warning this morning.

Goodbye, FutureWorld. The Simpsons sadly had you pegged.

Meanwhile, the Beacons of Magic atop Spaceship Earth have debuted. They are absolutely breathtaking:

As a reminder, these lightning effects are permanent, not just exclusive to the “World’s Most Magical Celebration.”

The Ratatouille Update

Finally, we have some insight into how Remy’s Ratatouille Adventure will work. This attraction will employ Boarding Groups, basically replacing Star Wars: Rise of the Resistance.

Disney isn’t reinventing the wheel here, either. The process is identical, straight down to the change I mentioned two weeks ago.

You can establish your traveling party up to an hour before the Boarding Group window opens. Then, at 7 a.m., you’ll try to book a Boarding Group.

Should you fail, you’ll have another chance at 1 p.m. You should pay attention to these times because EPCOT opens later than the other parks.

As such, you’ll only be in the park two or three hours before the other window opens. Also, please remember that you MUST BE in EPCOT for that second booking window.

You can schedule the first Boarding Group from anywhere. However, the second one remains exclusive to EPCOT visitors that day with a Park Pass.

Rope Drop won’t be available yet. So, your competition is just the people at the park with you.

I’ll publish a more comprehensive guide after the attraction has been in operation for a few days. If you want to spoil yourself on how it looks, here’s a video:

Folks, EPCOT is better this week than it was last week. It’s as simple as that. You’re going to treasure your next visit!

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