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Taking Sunshine Flyer to Disney World: How It Works

December 15, 2022

The Sunshine Flyer offers an affordable and convenient option for traveling between the resorts at Walt Disney World and Orlando International Airport (MCO).  Their premium motorcoaches are themed after 1920s locomotives, and they keep your trip under 65 minutes.  I recently had a chance to take The Sunshine Flyer to and from MCO.  Here’s how it went!

Book Your Ride with Sunshine Flyer

Go to the DVC Rental Store website. Under the Guest tab, you will find “Sunshine Flyer Transportation.”  Here, you will fill in your information to book a ride, including your flight information, resort, contact info, the number of adults and children traveling, and credit card details.  You also have the option of booking a one-way ride or round-trip.  

Check for Your Sunshine Flyer Confirmation Emails and Key Info

After booking your ride, keep an eye on your email. Shortly after my ride was booked, I received an email confirming my itinerary.  A second email included a QR code that will serve as my motorcoach ticket and instructions on where to find The Sunshine Flyer at MCO.

Hop Aboard Sunshine Flyer at MCO to Travel to Your Disney World Resort

Sunshine Flyer at MCO
Sunshine Flyer at MCO

Upon arriving at MCO, I collected my luggage from baggage claim and went to Terminal B, Level 1 to look for bus bay B3, as instructed by the reminder email.  If you were familiar with Disney’s Magical Express, this is a very similar location within MCO. It’s actually just on the opposite end of the same floor.  However, if you are unsure of the location, the reminder email even has a link to a PDF map on where to find The Sunshine Flyer at MCO.  

Once at bus bay B3, a friendly staff member helped me check in and verified my destination and confirmation number.  Shortly afterwards, I was called to board one of the buses.  The bus was comfortable and clean. The seats had 3-point harness seatbelts, which is helpful to note for parents with little ones who use car seats. Speaking of little ones, the bus had cartoons playing to keep them entertained. After making a few stops at other resorts, I made it to my final destination, Bay Lake Tower, in just under an hour.   

Meet Sunshine Flyer at Your Resort to Return to MCO

Sunshine Flyer at Bay Lake Tower

Two days before my departure, I received another reminder email from The Sunshine Flyer.  This one confirmed my flight, pickup time, and pickup location, Bay Lake Tower.  On my departure day, The Sunshine Flyer bus pulled up to the front of Bay Lake Tower a few minutes before the designated pickup time, and the driver helped me with my luggage.  We stopped at one additional resort to pick up other passengers, and then we were off to MCO! I was on the bus for about 45 minutes in total and made it to MCO in plenty of time to check in my luggage, get through security, and catch my flight. It was so smooth and easy!

All in all, Sunshine Flyer was a great way to travel between MCO and the resort. I wouldn’t hesitate to use them again.  If you would like to use Sunshine Flyer for your next Disney World trip, visit this page to get started.

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