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Our First Disneyland Visit…While Pregnant!

May 7, 2014

Being a frequent Disney traveler, I have a normal expectation of always being on the go for my travels to Disney. So when I was given the opportunity to book my first trip to Disneyland, I expected nothing less… until the day I found out I would be 5 months pregnant during the trip. Right at that point, I had a decision to make, do I push myself and try to do all that I normally do or do I let my plans fly out the window and do Disney at an Eeyore’s pace?

Radiator Springs Racers

Radiator Springs Racers

I quickly realized 2 things. First, Disneyland is a completely different vacation than Disney World. Disneyland is a LOT smaller than Disney World, but what would this mean to me being pregnant? Not as much of walking around and everything is generally closer in proximity to each other.

There were limitations as to what I could ride in my state as well. The Matterhorn Bobsleds was definitely out of the question (bummer!!) as was Splash Mountain and any other “mountain” ride available. This greatly reduced my time spent in line along with numbering my actual ride options. Thankfully, my husband, who was vacationing with me was more than willing to limit his riding along with me. We wanted to experience these rides for the first time together.

My second realization was that I didn’t have to completely shut down my style of Disney vacationing because I am pregnant. Walking is good for me while pregnant as long as I was smart about it and took breaks if tired or too hot. I have to admit, there was an hour nap included in each day. For our first visit we chose to stay at Disney’s Paradise Pier Hotel. The close proximity of the hotel helped to accomplish this goal easily. This gave me a sense of refreshment during the day that I normally don’t have when touring pre-pregnancy. Having a child with me on vacations in the future might be a blessing in disguise so I can continue this “nap” option.

Disney's Paradise Pier Hotel from inside the Park

Disney’s Paradise Pier Hotel from inside the Park

Being pregnant, I could easily watch the shows that are offered, especially the much talked about Aladdin! Additionally, it was a great “excuse” to stand in the line for the Princess meet in the morning; I was able to get some timeless pictures! In regards to which rides I could still enjoy, that list seemed endless! Anything that was for a “child” was right up my alley! This meant enjoying such rides as Peter Pans Flight, Snow White’s Scary Adventures and The Many Adventures of Winnie the Pooh. Even Buzz Lightyear and Toy Story Midway Mania were great rides to enjoy!

There were 1-2 rides that were borderline close to me saying I should not have ridden them. These were located in Cars Land and were Maters Junkyard Spin and Radiator Racers. We had never experienced these rides but since they are headline attractions at California Adventure, there was never an option of not riding them!

Bonding with Sleeping Beauty

Bonding with Sleeping Beauty

An additional plus to vacationing while pregnant is that your belly is like a permanent Disney Pin that you wear under your clothes. While I didn’t get any “freebies” there were a lot of congratulations extended. This occurred almost every time I stopped for a snack thanks to my husband commenting a funny joke about more “fuel” for the pregnant woman!

Vacationing in Disney is not a bad idea, with some advice of doing it before you are 6 months along. If you were a full throttle vacationer before, you might need to slow your speed down a bit, but the experience is still 110% worth it.

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