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Keeping the Magic No Matter the Circumstances

June 16, 2014

Walt Disney World is so much fun! There is so much to see and so much to do. So much that, at times, it can become too much for any member of the family. And then it might rain, or it might be hot, or your youngest might not be tall enough to ride an anticipated ride. You can start to feel your day crumbling into disappointment. But it can be redeemed. Here’s how you can make sure your visit to the Walt Disney World Resort remains magical throughout your stay:

1. If your visit is longer than 4 days, plan a rest day in the middle. On this rest day, don’t visit a park. Sleep in. Enjoy the activities at your resort’s pool. Plan brunch or dinner at any of the amazing restaurants on property. Stroll Downtown Disney or the Boardwalk. This rest day is vital for families to maintain their energy level for the duration of your visit.

Storm-Along Bay Pool at Disney's Yacht and Beach Club Resorts - Photo courtesy Tom Bricker

Storm-Along Bay Pool at Disney’s Yacht and Beach Club Resorts – Photo courtesy Tom Bricker

2. Plan one table-service meal for each day that you’re spending in a park. If you’re using the Dining Plan, this is very affordable, but even if you aren’t on the plan, it’s totally worth it. You will need time each day when you aren’t navigating lines. You’ll need to sit down and let someone else bring your family straws, napkins, and ketchup. You’ll be amazed at how rejuvenating this is. If your family is early-risers, you might even consider your table service for lunch so your break comes mid-day.

Sanaa Restaurant at Disney's Animal Kingdom Villas, Kidani Village - Photo courtesy Tom Bricker

Sanaa Restaurant at Animal Kingdom Villas, Kidani Village – Photo courtesy Tom Bricker

3. Families with young kids might want to consider returning to their room for a brief nap. If you think a daily naptime will be important for your family, I recommend you stay in a resort along the monorail so you have easy access from the parks to your room, and you won’t waste a lot of time in transportation. (I have to admit: even when my boys were younger, my family chose not to return to the room for a nap. We simply planned to see a show during naptime. The little ones fell asleep and the rest of us got to enjoy some top-notch entertainment.)

Bay Lake Tower at the Contemporary Resort - Photo courtesy the Disney Comapny

Bay Lake Tower at the Contemporary Resort – Photo courtesy the Disney Company

4. Whenever a member of your group starts to show signs of tiredness or emotional meltdown, take a break right then. There are no rides or shows worth sacrificing your loved one’s joy. Stop, let everyone visit the restroom, then sit down with a Mickey ice cream or Dole Whip to enjoy each other’s company. They do sell Mickey ice cream at 9 AM. Trust me, it saved the day when my youngest wasn’t tall enough to ride Space Mountain.

Dole Whip Float available at Aloha Isle in Adventureland in the Magic Kingdom Park

Dole Whip Float available at Aloha Isle in Adventureland in the Magic Kingdom Park

5. Carry a few essentials in a backpack at the parks. Band-aids and extra socks will help with blisters or wet feet. A refillable water bottle will help with dehydration, and every counter service will give you a free cup of ice water. Some Tylenol, adult and kid, will help with the aches and pains that come from being on the go all day. The day Grandpa got bumped by a stroller might have ended badly, but we had Tylenol and band-aids, so we were able to patch him up and get back to making memories in no time.


6. Don’t hesitate to ask the cast members in Guest Services for help. One of my boys lost the gold doubloons Captain Jack Sparrow had given him. He was devastated. So we stopped in Guest Services to see if there was a place to purchase similar treasures. The amazing cast member gave us a Fast Pass to the ride of our choice and asked us to come back. When we returned, he had replacement treasure and a personalized note from the Captain for each of my boys! It was spectacular! Another friend was enjoying the parks when a bird dropped on his shirt. A Guest Services cast member saw it happen, gave my friend a replacement shirt and had his shirt laundered while he enjoyed the day! These cast members are experts at turning potential disaster into true magic.

Managing emotions and energy levels is such a key part of enjoying the magic of WDW throughout your visit. What are some of your tips?

About Jessica

Jessica McKee is a coffee drinker and chocolate lover. She and her husband, Matt have been married 13 years. Together they’re raising two rowdy boys, Patriot and Azlan and live outside Atlanta, GA. By day, she’s a project manager for an elementary-age curriculum. She volunteers at church, watches HGTV and Food Network, and browses Pinterest. She geeks out over University of Kentucky basketball, Star Wars, and Disney. 

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