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10 Things You Must Pack in Your Disney Bag

November 3, 2014

I will admit, I tend to over-pack when I go on a Disney trip. With that being said, I am the first person everyone comes to when they need something, and I usually have it.

Even though I have been to Disney hundreds of times, I still pack my backpack and I am still always prepared for that “just in case” time. I am going to try to limit my “must haves” to just 10 but I will tell you what I carry and you can pick out what you think will work best for your family.

I always ditch my purse when going to Disney and I opt for a back pack. You can pack everything and wear it on your back and it distributes the weight and as long as you don’t buy one of those backpacks that are all frilly you can always switch with other members in your family and no one has to carry it all day. It’s a win-win!

Here we go!

Figment Backpack. Photo courtesy Tom Bricker

Figment Backpack. Photo courtesy Tom Bricker

#10 The Backpack Itself

Find one that is comfortable to wear. Not all backpacks are created equal and your back will thank you for taking a couple for a test drive before you make that final decision.

#9  A First Aid Kit

It doesn’t have to be anything fancy, just some band-aids, some antibiotic ointment and some disinfecting wipes. I will also carry things like Tylenol, or Motrin and some Benadryl, just in case. Disney does have some great first aid stations where you can get these free of charge, but you are not always in that area when you get a boo boo and a lot of times you don’t want to give up that precious vacation time just to get a band aid.


#8 Sunscreen

This can never be said to often. Sunscreen is your friend. Florida is the sunshine state and a lot of people don’t realize just how long you are in the sun walking from attraction to attraction or standing in line. Nothing can be worse than not using sunscreen on your first few days of vacation and trying to find clothes that touch you as little as possible for the rest of your vacation.

Resort Travel Mugs. Photo courtesy Tom Bicker

Resort Travel Mugs. Photo courtesy Tom Bicker

#7 Water Bottles or Insulated Travel Mugs

I have found what works best for us is to carry empty insulated water bottles or travel mug. We carry our water flavor and stop at the fountains, fill our bottles, put some flavor in and poof, instant cold drinks! We then finish our drinks and attach our bottles back to the backpack. They are light and easily refillable. Dehydration is one of the biggest things that happen. You don’t think while you are having all this fun, that you are loosing lots of fluids. Drinks are costly at Disney and if you have a large family carrying in your own bottles eliminates a large expense and you can get a drink all the time.

#7 Ponchos

We get a lot of rain here and one way to be prepared is to pack your poncho. Staying at the parks in the rain can get you quickly into some rides that would otherwise have a long wait time. I will say that we personally don’t carry them. We hang out in a shop or find an indoor ride, when it rains, none of us mind getting wet.


#5 Hats

These are good option especially in the summer. Keeping the sun from the top of your head and face helps ward of sunburn and makes you a little cooler. Burning the top of your head is not a fun thing.

#4 Sunglasses

Can you see a growing theme? The sun is very tricky and you may think it is not that hot or that you have been out in the sun at home a lot and it’s not any different, but it is. Even people that have lived here for years know that these are necessary if you want to have a good vacation.

Photo courtesy Buget Travel

Photo courtesy Buget Travel

#3 Zip-loc Bags

These always come in handy. Something to put wet socks in. To put your cell phone or other electronics in, if you ride a wet ride, only at half of your Starring Rolls cupcake and want to save the other half for later. The possibilities are endless. These are must haves.

#2 Change

No matter how many times I go to Disney, I find great pleasure in getting a pressed penny. Even though I usually don’t carry my wallet (I love the MagicBands) I keep a little change on hand in case I find a new penny design that I just have to have.

#1 Snacks

What would the backpack be without some snacks. Disney made things very awesome when they allow us to being our own snacks in. From granola bars to fruit to popscicles (yes, I have brought popscicles in before) it is so awesome that Disney lets us do this. We still end up purchasing our must haves from the parks but we always bring munchies and it helps a lot.

I also have hand sanitizer, mints, my endura cool towel, if I didn’t purchase MemoryMaker I have my camera in my bag, chap stick, and anti chaffing powder or stick.

These are just my tips for making a great Disney trip even better. The more prepared you are for the trip, the better things go. This is the most magical place on earth but being prepared can make sure that the magic remains the whole trip!

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