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Check out what publications such as Travel + Leisure, Epoch Times, Fat Wallet and DVCInfo.com are saying about the DVC Rental Store in the news.

How We’re Staying at Disney’s Polynesian Resort For Free!

LeDouxPartyof5.com, 09/12/2018
DVC Rental Store in the News

DVC Rental Store is a very reputable 3rd party to rent points through rather than taking a risk of finding someone independently online and hoping they are honest.  Another important point is that all taxes and fees are included in the price…Another great perk to add about DVC Rental Store is that they don’t require full payment up front but rather a deposit of $11 per point rented, and the remainder is due 45 days prior to arrival. “

Here’s What DVC Members NEED to Know Before Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge Opens

Theme Park Tourist, 07/12/2018
DVC Rental Store in the News

“The DVC Rental StoreI expect the attendance boost for Toy Story Land will be larger than that for Pandora. Many guests do not have an emotional tie to the Avatar movie in the manner that they do for Disney/Pixar movies or the Harry Potter movies. Because of this, Pandora needed to establish its own identity via the beautify, technology and ride features that it provides. In comparison, the Toy Story movies pulled the viewer into the toys’ world and have become classics. Guests of all ages are looking forward to experiencing the world of these iconic characters.

The Inside Secrets You Don’t Know About the Explosive Growth of DVC

Theme Park Tourist, 06/11/2018
DVC Rental Store in the News

DVC Rental Store: Guests are looking to experience Disney in ways, such as DVC ownership and rentals, which will allow them to offset some of these costs. The second factor is program exposure and education that helps potential DVC members and renters to understand the program and benefits more clearly. As an example, the DVC Facebook group that we run has 42,000 members. It is a venue where group members can ask questions, get advice, and further understand the benefits of the DVC program and of renting points. “

How To Save 50% Or More On Your Disney Vacation

Carrie on Travel, 01/10/2018
DVC Rental Store in the News

“I use DVC Rental Store to rent Disney Vacation Club Points and have seen incredible savings. We’ve booked via DVC Rental Store twice and saved more than 50% off typical room rates both times. There’s no way we could have afforded those rooms at the standard rates.

And if you are a last-minute planner like me, keep an eye out on the DVC Rental Store Confirmed Reservations page. DVC members that make reservations and then have a change in plans also use DVC Rental Store to resell the room. Dates can’t be changed, but if you are flexible you can snag a deal.”

How to Find Discounted Disney Villas

Smart Mouse Travel, 09/30/2017
DVC Rental Store in the News

“Everyone loves a deal, but getting discounted Disney villas is nearly impossible (unless you look in the right places). One great way to get a discount on a Disney villa is by renting DVC member points…DVC Rental Store is a “middle man” that facilitates the point rental process between DVC members and the people interested in renting a discounted Disney villa. They are a well-reviewed and reliable company with a Better Business Bureau Rating of A+. DVC Rental Store works to provide you a discounted Disney villa while protecting you from the risk of false reservations.”

Essential Hacks for the Ultimate Summer Vacation at Walt Disney World

Theme Park Tourist, 06/24/2017
DVC Rental Store in the News

DVC Rental Store: I am a huge funnel cake fan. Liberty Square’s Sleepy Hollow has the best. I am strictly a powdered sugar guy. No fruit toppings or chocolate sauce for me. Here’s a tip…do not wear dark colored clothing if you intend on enjoying a funnel cake. Everyone in the park will know where you’ve been and what you ate by the tell-tale powder sugar residue that you’ll be wearing afterward. Oh…did I mention I also love Dole Whip Floats!?!”

Interested in the Disney Vacation Club but Still Undecided? Try Renting Points!

Hurcules Mom Blog, 06/15/2017
DVC Rental Store in the News

“And it really was seamless. In fact the only problem we had on that entire vacation was when we checked in for two nights at the Port Orleans resort (booked directly through Disney). As soon as I had booked the Old Key West Resort through the DVC Rental Store, I received a confirmation number. When I linked that number into the My Disney Experience page…it worked! I had a real, bona fide Disney reservation that was no different than any other. Our names were on the reservation–not the name of the DVC property owner or the DVC Rental Store–and it was just as if we had booked the resort through Disney. Totally seamless.”

How to Save on a Trip to Disney World

Real Simple Magazine, 05/18/2017
DVC Rental Store in the News

“Determined to stay at a Disney property but still want the room to spread out? Try renting a Disney Deluxe Villa through a third-party source like DVC Rental Store. They essentially serve as brokers between tourists and the folks who own Disney timeshares, renting out the same lodging at roughly half of what you’d pay by going through traditional channels. “

Is Divorce like a Trip to Disney?

Family Law – Life in the Trenches, 05/15/2017
DVC Rental Store in the News

“For this Fall’s trip, I decided to try DVC Rental Store…Lauren Enochs answered my inquiry.  I explained my requirements; she made suggestions as to appropriate lodgings, based on our needs, availability of the lodgings, and type of resort.  She helped me compare choices.  I made my choice and made a reservation.  Work done, right?  Wrong.  Lauren sent me an email when it was time to make my dining reservations, so I wouldn’t miss out.  She answered my email about the dining plan (on a Saturday, no less).  She obtained a quote for me for park tickets.  She arranged my transportation from the airport.  All I had to do was email her.  No hours on the phone with Disney. No waiting on hold.  I felt like a huge weight was lifted off my shoulders.”

Going Deluxe – You Can Afford to Rent Points for a Disney Vacation Villa

Love, Laughter and Luggage, 05/07/2017
DVC Rental Store in the News

“I hope you are encouraged to look into renting points at Disney to see if it may be right for you. We have used the DVC Rental Store for three trips now, and we plan to use them soon for booking our 2018 trip next summer. We have had excellent service and communication through them.”

Renting Disney Vacation Club (DVC) points: What you need to know

Neverland Family Disney Vlog, 05/06/2017
DVC Rental Store in the News

Want to Go On the Ultimate Disney Vacation for Cheap? Here’s the Hack You Need to Know

Theme Park Tourist, 03/20/2017
DVC Rental Store in the News

“I want to give the employees of three major points rental companies the opportunity to share their perspective on how the rental process works. I hope that you’ll find the discussion informative. Here’s what the experts have to say about DVC points rental.

The greatest benefit to a guest is the ability to enjoy one of Disney’s deluxe resorts at a fraction of the cost of booking direct. Typically, a guest will save hundreds to thousands of dollars…”

Is it Possible to Have Your DVC Membership Pay Your DVC Dues?

DVC Resale Market, 01/25/2017
DVC Rental Store in the News

“…In this example, you can see that by “doubling up” the points, the dues for the entire Membership can be covered by the rental income from just half of the Membership.  It’s analogous to buying a duplex, living in one half and having a tenant rent the other half to cover the expenses for the entire duplex.

The demand for people needing points to rent is almost always greater than the points available to be rented out.  This bodes well for anyone considering a “doubling up” strategy to cover their dues.”

Here’s How DVC Experts Hack the Holidays at Walt Disney World

Theme Park Tourist, 12/01/2016
DVC Rental Store in the News

“Spending the holidays at a Disney park is one of the greatest opportunities for a theme park tourist. And who would understand the best strategies for such a visit more than the Disney Vacation Club experts who participate in our roundtable discussions? Find out the best hacks for visiting the parks during the holidays. Then, read on to discover what’s in store for Disney theme parks in the coming year.

Disney DVC Point Rental Information at Disney World Boardwalk Inn Villas 2016!

The Adventures of Peas and Carrots!, 11/14/2016
DVC Rental Store in the News

How You Can Travel to Walt Disney World without Breaking the Bank

With Love from Bex, 10/11/2016
DVC Rental Store in the News

“Another option, if you really want to experience the deluxe resort but aren’t keen on the price tag, my recommendation would be to rent DVC points from a DVC member. DVC stands for Disney Vacation Club, Disney’s version of a timeshare. I have personally rented points using DVC Rental Store and had a great experience. Chris and I rented a studio room with Savannah view for 7 days, 6 nights at Disney’s Animal Kingdom Lodge Jambo House  for approximately $1,200, if I had booked that same room through Disney it would have cost me about double that. Also something to take into consideration, if you have flexible travel dates check out the confirmed reservations sale section (here). You can usually find some very deep discounted reservations here. Some as much as over 65% off the rack rate.”

A Guide to Renting DVC Points

The Bucket List Narratives, 10/16/2016
DVC Rental Store in the News

“We recommend renting DVC points with our friends at the DVC Rental Store. There are many different places to rent points: websites, independent brokers, etc., but we think the DVC Rental Store is your best choice. For starters, they don’t charge a deposit to check availability for you. For us, this is huge. We like to check multiple trip dates to see what works best for us, and what’s available, and some other brokers charge a deposit to check availability. Also, they are a real, reliable, reputable company, so you don’t have to worry about if you’re being swindled or scammed. They also let you pay the full balance of your trip 45 days BEFORE the trip, instead of asking for the full balance up front – if you travel frequently (or just need a little more time to save), this is a HUGE advantage in booking with DVC Rental Store.”

Is DVC in Trouble? We Asked the Experts. Here’s What They Said.

ThemeParkTourist.com, 7/22/2016
DVC Rental Store in the News

“Do customers care about Membership Extras and the other changes, though? Rather than speculate on my own, I went to the source. I’ve interviewed a series of professionals employed in the cottage industries involving the Disney Vacation Club. They’ve been kind enough to offer their thoughts on a series of pressing issues involving the changes.

How to Rent Disney Vacation Club Points

SlickMouse.com, 5/15/2016
DVC Rental Store in the News

“We have rented out our points using DVC Rental Store, and the transaction was flawless.  Email responses were incredibly quick and thorough.  The expectations as owners were made very clear, and the directions on how to proceed were simple and easy.  We would not hesitate to them again.  Highly recommended.”

How to Rent DVC Points for a Trip to Disney World

The Italian Mamma, 5/19/2016
DVC Rental Store in the News

“…the DVC Rental Store agents are knowledgeable about Disney and can help answer questions about how to navigate the parks, dining plans, etc. I have never really had to get help with anything of this nature, but I have had any questions about transactions or confirmations of reservations (including those for accommodations and dining plans) answered promptly. The process went smoothly and gave me no reason for alarm. I turned my loved ones, who were weary about renting DVC points, into believers, too. In other words, I recommend this service. It’s the only way I could ever afford (or justify for that matter) a stay at one of the more convenient and luxurious Disney resorts. You get that Disney magic for a magical price to boot.”

How to Get Discounts on Lodging

The Unofficial Guide to Walt Disney World 2016
DVC Rental Store in the News

“…some readers, like this one from St. Louis, have had good results with The DVC Rental Store (dvcrentalstore.com):

“We rented DVC points for this trip through the DVC Rental Store, and we had a wonderful experience. Unlike David’s, they don’t make you pay the entire cost upon booking. For our stay at Wilderness LodgeVillas, we paid just over half what we were planning to pay for the Wilderness Lodge.”

DVC Point Rental Information

All Access Disney, 3/27/2016
DVC Rental Store in the News

“…saving money and staying in a truly magical resort, renting DVC points is the way to go. Want more information and a recommendation on who to rent from? Go to the DVC Rental Store. By clicking on that link, it will bring you directly to their site. It was a very seamless process. They don’t nickel and dime you to death, they don’t charge additional fees outside of the per point rate, are very reasonable, friendly, professional and work hard to get what you need. They want to make your vacation just as magical as I do, which is why I recommend them. That’s exactly what they did for me.

Renting Your DVC: Private vs. Broker

DVCInfo.com, 3/14/2016
DVC Rental Store in the News

“A broker’s reputation is their most valuable asset. The DVC Rental Store is accredited by the Better Business Bureau with an A+ rating. In addition, we have been named a Better Business Bureau “Ethics-Minded Business”.

My tips for planning your Walt Disney World holiday

NotesfromtheShire.com, 3/11/2016
DVC Rental Store in the News

“…with some research and flexibility you can pay the equivalent of a moderate resort fee and stay in a deluxe hotel, how? Rent DVC (Disney Vacation Club) points. We are doing this for our next holiday and saved 30-50% off Disney rack rate for our hotel – winning. This isn’t done through Disney but through brokers, we used DVC Rental Store, once you are booked however your booking is treated (via the My Disney Experience portal) as a standard booking right down to getting your magic bands. I wouldn’t hesitate to do this again and would now find it difficult to justify not doing it.

The 10 Best Things about Owning DVC (Disney Vacation Club)

SlickMouse.com, 1/22/2016
DVC Rental Store in the News

“When buying into DVC, you are planning your Disney vacations for life!  Pretty much, that is true!  When you know that there is a place that you love, knowing that you are going to go back often, well…that is just a great feeling!  And, you know what the cool thing is?  These vacations are in such demand, that, even if you don’t feel that you can use your points, you can actually rent them out and make money on them!  We have used DVC Rental Store.  Such great customer service!

DVC Roundtable #1 – Episode 295 (36:42 Mark)

ResortLoop.com Podcast, 1/26/2016
DVC Rental Store in the News

Audio – Click link above to listen

What a Time to Be Alive – March 2015 Walt Disney World Trip Report

Wandering Mouseketeers, 12/25/2015
DVC Rental Store in the News

“We kept hearing about people renting DVC points and staying at some of the resorts that would normally be way out of our grasp without spending an arm and a leg, so we looked into our options. We settled on The DVC Rental Store for two reasons. First, we were able to check dates without putting down a deposit. And second, we would be able to pay for our full reservation in two installments rather than needing to have a lump sum ready several months in advance.

How To Save 50% Or More On Your Disney Vacation

Carrie on Travel, 11/13/2015
DVC Rental Store in the News

“…if you are a last-minute planner like me, keep an eye out on the DVC Rental Store Confirmed Reservations page. DVC members that make reservations and then have a change in plans also use DVC Rental Store to resell the room. Dates can’t be changed, but if you are flexible you can snag a deal.

…The team at the DVC Rental Store make renting points an easy process.  There is a quick turnaround time once you submit your quote. (And nope, they didn’t tell ask me to tell you that either!)  If you are looking to save money and stay at one of Walt Disney World’s top resorts, research your options, put together a wish list and keep your fingers crossed for great availability.”

How to Save 55% on a Luxury Disney Vacation

Travel + Leisure Magazine, 11/4/2015
DVC Rental Store in the News

It’s impossible to go to Disney without seeing the glossy ads for the Disney Vacation Club (DVC). Each year, members receive points that allow them to book accommodations at any deluxe resort with DVC rooms. This includes the majority of luxury resorts at Disney. When these points aren’t used, members have the ability to rent (sell) their points to anyone, either directly or through a third-party service like the DVC Rental Store.

…Disney’s luxury resorts offer convenience, first-class service, and impeccable accomodations. There’s only one problem: they’re expensive. If you rent points from a DVC member, however, you can experience Disney savings well beyond any advertised special…

Renting DVC member points typically results in savings of 45 to 55 percent. This could mean staying at a deluxe resort for less than the amount you’d pay for a moderate resort at Disney.

To test this claim, I went on Disney’s online reservation system and requested a quote for seven nights at Disney’s Bay Lake Towers. The travel dates selected were six months in advance and I chose a Lake View Studio hotel room. The total came to just over $5,000, not including air fare or park tickets. However, by renting points from a service like the DVC Rental Store, the price was decreased to just over $2200. Best of all, when purchasing points, you will receive the same room options and perks as any Disney guest.

Talk about living a vacation fantasy.

The Hidden Trick to Staying at Walt Disney World’s Best Resorts for CHEAP

Theme Park Tourist, 10/27/2015
DVC Rental Store in the News

“There are several great services for DVC points rentals. On a recent trip, I had to rent points even though I’m a DVC member. I had used up all my points for the year, but I wanted to stay at The Polynesian right after it opened. I rented points from The DVC Rental Store to book my room…highly recommended companies with wonderful reputations for customer service.”

3.5 Ways to Plan a Disney World Vacation

Cue to Cue Mama, 8/19/2015
DVC Rental Store in the News

“…the DVC Rental Store offers a great point calculator which helps see how much it will cost for the time you’re wanting to visit. Another awesome part is you can still get all the benefits of staying on Disney property: Extra Magic Hours, ADRs, Dining Plan, and Disney transportation. If you decide to go this route, I suggest you go through the aforementioned DVC Rental Store. They are the only site I’ve found that doesn’t charge you for checking availability. Every other site I’ve seen charges up to $98 just to check availability (Crazy, I know…”

Top 5 Tips for Walt Disney World Resort Savings

FamilyADHD.com, 8/19/2015
DVC Rental Store in the News

“If you really want to get the most bang for your family’s buck and not sacrifice Walt Disney World Resort amenities to stick to your budget the best way to do so is to put in the extra time to keep a very careful eye on deals while comparing rates across multiple platforms–booking directly through Disney, through packaged deals with airlines like JetBlue, through Disney Vacation Club rental sites (friends of our recently booked through DVCRentalStore.com and have been happy so far with the service…”

12 Magical Resources To Help You Plan Your Family’s Disney World Vacation

The Epoch Times, 8/4/2015
DVC Rental Store in the News

“Ready to graduate to advanced level Disney World planning? Please stand clear of the doors. Here we go. If you’re thinking of staying at any of Disney’s Vacation Club Villas, you may want to consider the idea of renting Disney Vacation Club points. (Disney Vacation Club or DVC is Disney’s timeshare program and members use points to “pay” for their vacations.) Companies such as DVC Rental Store act as something of a clearing house, brokering deals between the vacationers and DVC members. While rather unorthodox, you can save a significant amount compared with Disney’s hotel rate for the same rooms.”

5 Questions to Ask Yourself When Planning a Walt Disney World Resort Vacation!

The DisTripQueen, 2/9/2015
DVC Rental Store in the News

“Should You Use a Travel Agent?:

People often don’t know that if you use an Authorized Disney Vacation Planner, you get not only expert advice from a trusted source, but also someone who will book your accommodations at no extra cost to you as if you booked the trip through Disney yourself. (Disney pays their commission, you do not.) A Travel Agent will be aware of any special deals or promotions that might occur during your stay which could save you money, and are also able to add on Disney extras like tickets and dining packages. They will also help you find accommodations to meet your needs and budget, and can advise you on alternatives you may have not even thought of, such as renting DVC points from Disney Vacation Club members.  Often times they will be available to answer any questions that you may have, help you arrange your Magical Express transportation to and from the airport if staying on-site and some even offer concierge planning services! All for free, so why not take advantage of that? My personal favorites are Be Our Guest Vacations or The DVC Rental Store!”

The Biggest Myth About DVC Resale

DVC Resale Market, 10/21/2014
DVC Rental Store in the News

“… (DVC Members) this example shows that if you are not getting more than $11.75-$13.00 per point in value you may be better off renting your points through the dvcrentalstore.com as they pay up to $11.75-$13.00 per point!” 

Disney’s Old Key West & DVC Rental Store Review

The (Mis)Adventures of a Slightly Insane Homemaker, 10/2/2014
DVC Rental Store in the News

“Then, I found it. I think I might have even heard angels singing when the bright, thumbs up logo came across my screen, dvcrentalstore.com. I had found the Holy Grail. Ok, maybe it’s a little dramatic, BUT they are really, really awesome! This company rents out points from Disney Vacation Club owners and allows you to stay in top resorts on Disney property for the cost of a value or moderate. From their customer service(Thank you, Lindsay, for replying to me during YOUR Disney vacation!) to the ease of their rental tools and applications, I cannot stress enough how incredibly easy and affordable it was to rent a villa from them. I would not hesitate to rent from them again and I highly recommend them to everyone planning a vacation, whether it is one night or ten. You won’t be disappointed!”

How to Plan a (Sane) Trip to Disney World

A Splash of Aloha, 9/12/2014
DVC Rental Store in the News

“The following rental website does the hard work for you, but you will usually pay a little more for their services and peace of mind: DVC Rental Store. Overall, I think renting points is a good option for families who want larger space and more conveniences when staying on property, provided you are willing to invest the time and research. Some resorts also include massive 2 and 3-BR suites which is great for large groups.”

DVC Resale Market Answers: What to do with extra DVC points?

DVC Resale Market, 8/6/2014
DVC Rental Store in the News

“…you can rent your points through a trusted rental company like DVC Rental Store . They will help you find a renter and make the arrangements. They handle all the details and can get you as much as $13.00 per point. This is a great option to convert your points to cash if you want to cruise at the best prices or vacation in other locations.”

8 Highlights of a successfully magical Walt Disney World Honeymoon

Sara Gundell, Examiner.com, 5/26/2014
DVC Rental Store in the News

“It’s your honeymoon. You want to relax and enjoy your stay, and you definitely want to take advantage of all the perks offered to guests of Disney owned and operated resorts. That said, perhaps your budget doesn’t allow for $400 per night at one of the top Disney World resorts. That’s okay – you still have options. We used the DVC Rental Store to purchase Disney Vacation Club points from an owner, and booked a room at Disney’s Boardwalk Resort for almost half the price of a normal room! The staff at the DVC Rental Store was incredibly helpful – and though they are not Disney employees, they offered the same level of service I have come to expect from Disney, making the experience of working with them a true joy.”

Disney World’s Best Kept Secret

Modern Tightwad, 4/2/2014
DVC Rental Store in the News

“As I was planning our upcoming trip, I focused on Disney’s moderate and value resorts. Even during the summer travel season, a basic room at one of these hotels is going to run you less than $200/night, which was doable for our budget. Still, I couldn’t help but be jealous every time one of our friends announced that they too were going to visit Mickey and his friends, and shared that they’d be staying at one of Disney’s deluxe properties. Yes, this mom definitely wanted to keep up with the Jones’, but didn’t want to pay the heft price tag, either.

Then one friend filled me in on her secret: renting points from existing DVC members. Here’s how it works: Say an existing DVC member knows they won’t be going on a vacation this year, or needs some fast cash to cover expenses. Disney allows them to rent their DVC points to you. You purchase the points, they make the reservation in your name with Disney.

Now, I bet you’re wondering: isn’t that a little risky? What’s to say they’re not going to take the money and run, and you get to Orlando with no place to stay? I had the same concerns, so I started doing a little bit of research on my own. I soon learned that there are several 3rd-party companies – several of which are both BBB and “Mouse-Approved” – that act as a middle man between DVC members and potential guests, like me. After reading dozens (and dozens) of reviews, I narrowed these companies down to… DVC Rental Store…”

Saving at Disney Parks Series: How We Rented Disney Vacation Club Points and Paid Less than HALF the Published Rate for a Disney Resort Stay

Mama Cheaps, 3/30/2014
DVC Rental Store in the News

“Several months before our trip, I contacted DVC Rental Store by filling out a quote form on their website. Within several hours, I received a response and had several options to choose from regarding different resorts and which exact week to stay. I have only ever been in contact with one employee from DVC Rental Store – she literally walked me through every step. She provided timely responses to every question I had and was such a great resource!

Once I settled on a week and the location (Animal Kingdom Lodge – Kidani Village, Deluxe Studio with Savanna View), I was required to put down a $100 deposit. At this point, DVC Rental Store put my request out to their pool of DVC members who were looking to rent out their points.

Within 24 hours I received confirmation that they had a DVC member ready to make my reservation. I signed my rental agreement contract and shortly thereafter I received another email confirmation that the reservation had been made with our reservation number and booking details. (I was able to link this reservation to the My Disney Experience site and app without issue.)

I believe a payment plan is available from DVC Rental Store, though we were pretty close to our trip at the time of booking, so we had to pay in full.”

Luxury Accommodations at a Reasonable Price

Joseph Travel Blog, 3/17/2014
DVC Rental Store in the News

“When we stayed at the Aulani in Hawaii for one night this was exactly how we were able to afford it. Instead of paying nearly $500 for the one night I rented points from the DVC Rental Store…and paid approximately $250 saving 50% on our one night stay. We will be using this method for our future vacation in WDW and Hawaii. I hope this gives you some ideas about your next vacation.”

Disney’s Bay Lake Towers – Renting DVC Room Points

Milk and Cuddles, 2/27/2014
DVC Rental Store in the News

“Where did we Rent our points from? We rented from The DVC Rental Store.  I looked at several DVC rental companies and I liked that the DVC Rental Store did not require a deposit to look up the dates I was interested in, and tell me what was available. Other companies wanted a deposit before even looking – and that wasn’t going to happen.”

Best Uses of Disney Vacation Club Points

Disney Tourist Blog, 1/8/2014
DVC Rental Store in the News

“…if you’re a worrier, using a third party may be the better option…at the time of this post, DVC Rental Store was the highest paying, offering $11.25 per point (now $11.75-$13.00 per point)…”

How to Save $2500+ on a “Deluxe” Disney World Vacation

Disney Tourist Blog, 6/17/2013
DVC Rental Store in the News

“At $2,413 for a Savanna View room at Disney’s Animal Kingdom Lodge, we got a pretty good deal there. Thanks to the 30% off discount, that works out to just over $400/night for a Deluxe room with one of the most spectacular views any Walt Disney World room offers.

However, as we’ve mentioned before on the blog, renting Disney Vacation Club points is the cheapest way to stay in a Deluxe-level hotel room at Walt Disney World. Off-site, there are even cheaper options, but we want to stay on-site since this is a nice trip, and for the sake of convenience and the Disney on-site perks. We will thus book the room through one of the reputable Disney Vacation Club points rental sites, like DVC Rental Store… For our stay in a Savanna View room, we’ll need 86 points. At a cost of $14 per point, our total for this room will be $1,204.”

Renting Disney Vacation Club Points: Making Disney Budget-Friendly

PassPorter.com, 4/19/2013
DVC Rental Store in the News

“Most people rent DVC points one of two ways: by working directly with DVC owners, or by going through a rental company, such as…DVC Rental Store (www.dvcrentalstore.com)The most important issue to keep in mind is that you must depend entirely on the DVC owner to make the reservation for you and to add on such features as the dining plan. So, if you choose to work directly with DVC owners, it is important to vet them for reliability and responsiveness. For this reason, my family opted to work through a rental company, because it added a layer of security by ensuring the DVC owners held up to their part of the agreement.”

Doing Disney the Smart Way

FatWallet.com, 4/2/2013
DVC Rental Store in the News

“To save money on the years they can’t make it there, they sell their timeshare for the year. Sites like eBay, and The DVC Rental Store have these listings all the time, so look to see what is available. I just looked up a studio (sleeps 4) at Disney’s Saratoga Springs Resort (already rented), and it was $750 for the week of 4th of July (June 29-July 6). That works out to be around $107 a night for a studio unit with a queen bed and double sleeper sofa, kitchenette, private balcony. The price for a value resort the same week? $168.91 a night. Both offer transportation to and from the air port, and all the busses to and from the parks.”

Vacation Clubs and Timeshares: Are they Right for your Family?

Pit Stops for Kids, 3/24/2013
DVC Rental Store in the News

“Where to find a timeshare to rent: On resort booking sites, you won’t find much evidence of timeshare rental options, but that doesn’t mean they don’t exist. After finding the resort you’d like to enjoy, cross-check timeshare sites to see if rental options are available. We’ve found deals at the DVC Rental Store for Disney rentals.”

Tips for Renting Disney Vacation Club Points

Disney Tourist Blog, 3/13/2013
DVC Rental Store in the News

“The biggest benefit of renting Disney Vacation Club points is saving money. The example of Animal Kingdom Lodge Villas above is a good one. If you wanted to book a stay August 19-23, 2013 in a value view studio, that’s exactly how many points you’d need, and how much it would cost if you rented points through the DVC Rental Store. For a stay December 2-6, 2013, it would be even cheaper! Other nights throughout the year would cost more, but you get the idea. You couldn’t even stay in a Moderate Resort for the rates you can get by renting Disney Vacation Club points, let alone a Deluxe.”

The Secrets to Huge Savings on a Disney Vacation

Lite Rock 96.9 WFPG, 3/4/2013
DVC Rental Store in the News

“A great way to save on your hotel stay at Disney is to rent DVC (Disney Vacation Club) points. There are individuals who rent them to people, but that runs you the risk of being scammed. We recommend dealing with brokers (such as DVC Rental Store) who remove your chances of being scammed and end up saving you money in the long run. So how does this save you money? Say you were planning on staying at Disney’s Animal Kingdom Villas, which are listed as a deluxe resort. By renting DVC points, you would be paying around $800 for six nights, as opposed to booking directly through Disney where you would be paying $4,000 for the same thing.”


The Gallagher Girls Blog, 2/4/2013
DVC Rental Store in the News

“The Animal Kingdom lodge is a deluxe resort, so very pricey, but it is also a Disney Vacation Club Resort. The Disney Vacation Club is like Disney’s version of a time share. We don’t own one (I wish we did) but we were still able to take advantage of some of the benefits of the club. We rented one! We used the DVC Rental Store. Basically members of the DVC who aren’t able to use their points that year sell their points to the DVC Rental Store and the DVC Rental Store rents the property to us for a lot less than if we booked straight through Disney. We just stayed as “a guest” of the member. It all worked out amazing, the agent at the rental store was super nice and arranged everything for us and saved us more than $1,000. I’m a believer!”

Disney Vacation Club Buying Guide

Disney Tourist Blog, 1/10/2013
DVC Rental Store in the News

“The upside is that DVC Rental Store is an actual BBB accredited business who has a strong reputation. You won’t get ripped off by the DVC Rental Store…whereas the same isn’t necessarily true for random folks you’ll encounter on the forums. Now, I’ve only heard a couple of negative stories about forum transactions, but caveat emptor with that one. We recommend playing it safe and going with a professional rental site.

This is actually another place where you might want to stop and do the math. Not to see if renting is cheaper than booking through Disney (it unquestionably is), but to see if renting Disney Vacation Club points for all of your trips is a better option than buying Disney Vacation Club points. We know a lot of people who go this route year in and year out because it provides great savings without locking them into an actual contract. It is something to give serious thought, and you might be surprised just how attractive renting, rather than buying, can be!”

Disney World Vacation Discount Secrets – How I Got a $5K Disney Vacation for Almost Nothing

KISS FM 93.1, 12/28/2012
DVC Rental Store in the News

“I find the best way to get a room at Disney World is to rent DVC points. You can rent them through individuals, but I ONLY recommend going through brokers like…DVC Rental Store. Dealing with…brokers removes the risk of being scammed and you can save thousands of dollars.

For example, I plan on staying at Disney’s Boardwalk Villas, a deluxe resort, in October for Food and Wine Fest. I’ll be paying roughly $800 for 6 nights in a studio room. If I purchased the hotel through Disney, I would pay roughly $4,000 for the same nights. I’ve already saved $3,200 and you can barely stay at a value resort for $800, much less a deluxe resort!”

Renting DVC Points at Animal Kingdom Villas – Episode 471

Be Our Guest WDW Podcast, 9/9/2012
DVC Rental Store in the News

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