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Member-to-Member Point Transfers made Safe and Easy

Being a Disney Vacation Club member is great. We all know the benefits.  But what happens if you find that you are short of points because Aunt Bessy has decided to join you and you really need to reserve a 2-bedroom villa but you only have enough points for a studio?

How about if Aunt Bessy wants everyone to vacation at the beach this year? No one crosses Aunt Bessy. So now, you have extra DVC points that you won’t use this year. What do you do?

We are proud to introduce our Member-to-Member Point Transfer Program.  We can assist in matching you with another DVC member if you would like to transfer points into or out of your Disney Vacation Club account. We’ll hold the funds paid until the transfer is complete so that both DVC members are protected and happy.

The cost to transfer points into your account and the amount that you will receive if you transfer points out is determined by the DVC resort that is transferred. Keep in mind that transferred points retain the Use Year and Home Resort Priority of the Membership they were transferred from.


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